Timesman | ‘New heaven’

FINALLY, I am now enjoying my well-deserved rest since I started doing some interior renovation of our new place at Damosa Fairlane first month of this year. With a little more retouching, in a few days it will be finished.

I see to it that all spaces of the 151-square-meter lot at the high-end subdivision of Anflocor will be utilized including the fire wall at the back that is the perimeter to the adjacent house.

The garage at the left wing has also a new look where a mini bar counter is and where I can unwind and practice my vocal cords. The lanai at the right side of the unit remain untouched.

It has a secondary kitchen with appliances designed for modern cooking and washing, and an island table and console divider separating the receiving room from the dining table that conforms to Tala’s desire that it should be different from the rest in the village without changing the developer’s landscaping outside.

An open terrace where one can climb on steel stairs from the inside to reach it is also done. A secret passage just in case a collector is approaching.

I am not thinking of how much I spent for the renovation. Maloloko lang ako. But for sure it’s worth the money and effort I shared.

Actually, the house is owned by my only daughter Tala who is based in the United States and invested her hard-earned money to this project through my initiative and contribution from my little savings.

She said that we, Jin Lorenz and I can do anything we want in our ‘new heaven’ and the car since she has no plan of coming home for good yet not after 25 or 30 years from now.

Tala is still single at 43 and has no plans of having her own family since according to her, she already has a family at present with Jin Lorenz and I. She wanted me to enjoy my remaining years on this earth and Jin Lorenz to reach his goal.

Tala’s 12-day ‘balikbayan’ visit with American boyfriend Nathan of five years was also for the blessing of her new house and a sort of reunion with old classmates from UM and PWC, held simultaneously on July 12 at the Continental Club House of the village.

My Phil-Am daughter and Nathan left for the US on July 21 with the assurance of returning back again two years from now.

Nathan said he was impressed by the natural beauty of the city, its resorts particularly the Pearl Farm Resort, the hospitality of the Filipinos, the cheap food and affordable entertainment night life, especially the peace and order. Except for Palos Verdes Golf Club which seems to be expensive. Yet, he said, he might bring his parents here soon, and retire in the city.

Tala said they may return to Davao two years from now because she is expecting us to be in the US next summer.

The house was blessed by Fr. Pete Lamata of Saint Francis de Assissi in Maa.

After I noticed Fr. Lamata was having a problem in walking, I begged him not to climb the stairs to the second floor anymore. He just laughed and proceeded with his blessing.

I was told later by his two ‘alalays’: “Sir, pinilit ni Father ang sarili para daw hindi siya mapahiya kay Timesman!” Bless you for that, Fr. Lamata!

Now I am ready to see my eye doctor Raul Tolentino Jr. for my long overdue eye-laser and intern doctor Jessie Orcasitas for an executive checkup my daughter insisted that I do before the month ends. I will, Tala.


Again, my tokayo Loreto, Jr, also a nurse from Canada is arriving first week of August together with two young daughters -Tatianna and Ishiko for a two-week stay in the house.

Tatianna is a British-English speaking national while Ishiko is Canadian born. Mapapalaban na naman ang English ko sa dalawa for sure!

But since the house is almost finished for their arrival, unlike when Tala and Nathan had to endure the noise and dust due to continued interior designing during their 12-day stay, I am sure there will be not much stress on my part.

Except maybe when my two granddaughters will be joined by my two other grandchildren – JJ and Jacob, both also with American slang when at the Jollibee or McDo, then maybe, it’s time for me to worry again and bring along with me an English dictionary to catch up with the kids. Kawawa naman si lolo!

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