TIMESMAN| My brother should also be at LNMB

THE SUPREME Court will render its decision tomorrow on whether dictator President Ferdinand Marcos’ remains can be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani or not.

President Duterte publicly acknowledged beforehand that Marcos deserves to be buried at the Heroes cemetery “…because it is the law.”

“He was a soldier. He is not a hero? Fine. But he was a President. And nobody can deny that,” Duterte said.

Personally, I am against the Marcos burial at the LNMB in Taguig City even when the allows presidents to be buried there.

Our youngest brother Antonio was killed inside the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City after he was captured in the mountain province in Quezon while fighting the dictator’s Martial Law government in the early part of 1972.

While we were fortunate enough to recover the remains of my brothers so we could give him a decent burial at that time, other victims of the dark period of the Philippine history have remained to be not found. WE did not even know who killed Antonio and how he was killed.

If Marcos, who is not a hero although a former president is allowed by law to be at the LNMB, my brother Antonio, who was buried at a public cemetery in Nabotas, Rizal, must also be buried at the LNMB because his family and comrades considered him a hero, being a member of the underground movement who fought against those who trample upon the people’s rights.

Hindi ba mas mahalaga ang dangal ng isang nagtanggol sa bayan, kaysa sa taong nagpahirap sa mamamayan?

The claim that the Marcos burial at the LNMB will be the solution to settle once and for all the issue and unite the divided nation is baloney and has its political color. The more the Martial Law victims will continue to make noise as they may believe that once the Supreme Court’s decision favor the Marcos burial at the LNMB, then it only shows that this government recognizes the dictator as a hero and his victims are enemies of the state.

Again, let’s bury Marcos in Ilocos Norte. By doing so, only his family and handful of loyalists will make a howl compared to millions of protesters who for sure will not stop until their opposition will be given favorable action.


The Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) have formed an alliance to effectively suppress and control drug crimes between the two countries.

Maganda, but how easy for the two agencies to coordinate effectively when most of the apprehended drug lords and suppliers in this country came from China?

Will it be proper that Chinese authorities first discipline their people from doing shenanigans in our country before we agree to work with them?

Hindi ba dapat lang na linisin mo muna ang sariling dumi, bago pakialaman ang sa iba.


The Americans will go to their respective polling places anytime today and vote for their new president—either former US Secretary Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party or business mogul Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

There is no doubt that the Americans will have a first woman president-elect in the person of Hillary Clinton based on survey results.

Al though I also foresee that these US elections will be the first in the history of the most powerful country in the world would have a lesser turnout of voters compared to previous elections for reason that the two presidential candidates are very unpopular to the electorates, I still believe Clinton will emerge the winner.

I predicted this scenario based on recent development that many women voters will vote for Clinton after Trump insulted women in many occasions.

And this may also be good news for our country as this will somehow reduce the friction between the US and Philippines.

It is expected that with Clinton as president, former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will play a big role to have the two countries friends again. Arroyo is said to be a personal friend and classmate of former president Bill Clinton at Georgetown University in 1960. Ayos!

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