TIMESMAN| My 50 years with Tesoro’s

IF THERE’S one person who can claim he witnessed the first establishment of R.O. Tesoro & Sons, Inc. in Davao City 50 years ago and to its continuous growth today, he is no other than yours truly.

It is not only the printing press that this writer saw in its humble beginnings with only eight employees using letterpress machines up to its present stature of prestige and integrity but we also have experienced being with the four generations of the Tesoro clan beginning with the late patriarch and matriarch, Mr. Roman O. Tesoro and Mrs. Paula C. Tesoro, respectively.

Mr. Tesoro (friends and associates used to call him that in the printing industry) was general manager of the Mindanao Times, Inc. (MTI) then operating the first printing press in the city, and a bookstore both housed in a two-storey building along Claveria street (now C.M. Recto). Ate Leoncia, the eldest of the twelve children of Roman and Paula, was actually the one managing the bookstore and the printing press.

The Mindanao Times (newspaper) was a separate entity from the MTI and owned by the Mindanao Publishers, Inc. headed by the late Atty. Guillermo E. Torres who was at the same time Chairman and President of the MTI. In short, the TIMES was the only printing client of the MTI then.

The late Julio C. Tesoro, the second eldest of the Tesoro boys (there were six boys and six girls was the printing supervisor at the time when we became bosom buddies until his death five years ago.

When Mr. Tesoro resigned from the MTI and put up his own printing press with the corporate name R.O. Tesoro & Sons, Inc. in its present location, I became more acquainted with the Tesoro family.

General Manager and Vice President Linda C. Tesoro, the “bunso” of Mr. Tesoro’s children, was still in her elementary grade when I first met her.

When the TIMES transferred its printing to Tesoro Printing Press after the MTI was dissolved due to labor problems, the more I became close to the Tesoros, especially to the twelve children—Benjamin (†), Leoncia (†), Julio (†), Luz, Roman Jr. (†), August (†), Lourdes, Lydia (†), Manuel (†), Leticia, Danilo (†), and Linda, including their husbands, children, and apos, pati na apo sa tuhod.

In almost all gatherings of the Tesoros, this humble writer was always invited, may it be birthdays, baptismal, founding anniversary, and even death in the family. Twice, I stood as one of the sponsors in a wedding of two grandsons and most often ninong sa kasal to a handful of its printing personnel.

In one of the founding anniversaries of R.O. Tesoro & Sons, Inc. Linda unofficially announced that she was adopting me as member in her inner circle. Linda’s family members are adopted like me. She’s still single.

On her message at the 40th founding anniversary of the family owned printing press, Linda said: “Celebrating anniversaries makes us look back to where we started. We reminisces the joys and pains we encountered in our journey to where we are now – our 40th year. We have survived, but we could not be complacent. We have to move on despite some constraints in resources.

“We have more reasons to celebrate. GOD is so good and we owe Him the many blessings we received. It is therefore, fitting that we give Him back the glories, as we likewise honor our founders – Itay Roman and Inay Paula. We know they are smiling from where they are now, and proud that we were able to hold on amidst adversities. We hope to continue with their legacy with more vigor inspired with the hope of a brighter future. Hope indeed is a wonderful gift from GOD, a source of strength and courage in the face of life’s harshest trials…”

In 50 years of R. O. Tesoro & Sons, Inc. existence, its continued growth and success is a testament to the hard work and innovativeness of both the officers and personnel.

Today, with the dynamic leadership of Linda C. Tesoro and other members of the executive committee composed of Luz Tesoro Pereyras as Corporate President, Leticia Tesoro Mata as Corporate Secretary, and Mary Ann Ilagan Madrazo as Corporate Treasurer, the printing press now operates with the most modern state-of-the-art technology comparable to other high tech printing competitors not only in Mindanao but Manila, as well.

On its Golden Anniversary, the Board of Directors of R. O. Tesoro & Sons, Inc. will hold a celebration of joy and thanksgiving on July 4 (Saturday) at 6 p.m. at SMX Convention Center in Lanang. Congratulations!


Frederick Y. Dy, Chairman Emeritus; Alberto S. Villarosa, Chairman; and the Security Bank Board of Directors will tender a Customer Appreciation Party & Formal Introduction of Alfonso ‘Yogi’ Salcedo Jr. on Thursday (July 2) at 6:30 in the evening, SMX Convention Center, Lanang, Davao City. Mabuhay!

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