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THE PRESIDENT made an admission in Cebu City when he said: “Basig unsaon nimo katarong, kung naa na sa puesto maghalhal na…oportunidad na manguarta. Na-realize ko na (No matter how good you are, you would change when you are already in the position, when there’s opportunity to steal, I realize that).” It is a sweeping accusation no other politicians will dare say.

While President Duterte is just telling the truth that no president before him admitted, I would say: “Kagalang-galang na Pangulo na hindi naman po lahat ay magnanakaw sa gobyerno. In fairness to those who are only doing their jobs to serve the government and the people, they are the exemptions ONLY (in big letters), the bad eggs in the government outnumber the good ones.”

I am speaking in behalf of my late wife Virgie and my son Jojo although they were not politicians. Virgie retired from the government after serving 37 years as a devoted and honest public servant in the city council to attend to the family business despite the fact that she still had three more remaining years before reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65.

She was even offered a higher position at City Hall so that she would not just leave the government, but she decided to just retire. She told me: “Kulang ang sueldo ko para mabigyan natin nang magandang bukas ang ating mga anak.”

My eldest son Jojo is still in the government and I know him also as an honest person like his mother.

Once, he called me by phone and told me: “Pa, nakapulot ako sa CR ng Sangguniang Panlungsod ng pera na nasa envelope. Dinala ko sa ABS-CBN para tawagan ang nawalan.”

Jojo was still a casual employee then and the minimum wage he was receiving from the government could not even enough to meet the family needs, yet he didn’t think of keeping the money for himself.

ABS-CBN found the owner of the envelope and that the money still intact.

Maniniwala ba kayo kung sino ang may-ari ng pera? Ang dating Vice Mayor Pulong!

I am recalling these two incidents that happened to no less my late wife Virgie and son Jojo not because “nagbubuhat ako ng sariling bangko, but because I wanted to correct the impression of the President that ….`Basig unsaon nimo katarong, kung naa na sa puesto, maghalhal na…oportunidad na mangwarta…’.”

I repeat, Mr. President, hindi po lahat. But sad to say, again, the bad eggs outnumber the good ones in government.


Sayang, Jin Lorenz and I are supposed to be in Malacanang by now upon invitation of our family friend – the Maypa family who will try to meet President Duterte there. They were also invited by someone close to the Palace.

Unfortunately, pressing matters here keep us from taking the trip to Manila.

Okasyon ko na sana ma-meet for the first time ang Presidente after his election.

Siguro sa party ko sa bahay, pagbibigyan niya na ako!


The national ID system now awaiting the signature of President Duterte is said to strengthen the country’s campaign against lawlessness including terrorism and drug trafficking.

It also, according to the author of the bill, may be used in all government transactions including applications for passports, driver’s license, availment of services and benefits offered by insurance institutions, clearances from the courts, prosecutor and the police, and other transactions requiring proof of identifications.

The intention and benefits the ID system may give to its holders may already be the solutions to the red tape in many government offices.

But we also have to consider the opposition of many who fear that the national ID system may put everyone’s life in danger as personal information of the holder is stored in the card.

On the assurance that it will help the government in its campaign against lawlessness and drug trafficking, I believe that what the military is doing now to neutralize rebel groups destabilizing the government and the police on its “tokhang” drive are in the right directions and both are doing a great job.

Ang national ID system, luko-luko ba ang NPA or drug addict na kumuha nito at pagkatapos ay para lamang makilala?

Para sa akin, may national ID o wala, okay lang. My senior citizen’s card is sufficed to introduce myself in all transactions. Nakaka discount pa sa mga food chain!


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