Timesman: Memorable moment in the life of a lolo

The months of July and August were good to me, although I consider every moment in my life now that I am in my twilight years very happy since we transferred to a new high-end residence in Lanang more than a year ago.

But what made July and August of this year more memorable is that my only daughter Tala based in Chicago, Illinois and namesake Jeckjeck from Vancouver, Canada spent their summer vacation in the house. Tala was with boyfriend of five years Nathan from July 12 to 21, and Jeckjeck, a registered nurse, came with daughters Tatianna and Ishiko who are both studying in grade school, on August 12 to 21.

The last time my daughter visited me was two years ago during my diamond year celebration on Jan. 17, 2016, while my namesake son never visited me for the last four years since the death of their mom on Nov. 9, 2014 because of the nature of his job as a nurse and as part time front-guitarist of his own band in Vancouver.

Although we have constant communication in the past years through the wonders of modern technology, seeing them is much, much more important to me as it suddenly erased the worries of their being far away in foreign countries, and the feeling of longing for the loved ones you haven’t seen for years is forgotten once you come face to face with them.

We already wrote in this corner Tala’s enjoyable vacation here a few issues ago. This time I will write about the short-lived but most hard-to-forget encounter with my two young British-Canadian granddaughters from Jeckjeck’s family.

Lolos and Lolas will surely agree with me that the attention they, as parents then, had shown to their children during their growing up years do not match the attention they give to the apos.

Grandparents, especially those who have the means, usually pamper their apos with loving care and material things. This could be because parents devoted most of their time looking for a living and cannot always be in the company of their children.

Now, as retirees and having saved enough, many grandparents have all the time with their apos and can give the young ones anything that money can buy.

Although Tatianna and Ishiko were born in UK and Canada and are citizens of the countries, respectively, they are only living with their Filipino parents and never experienced being in the company of a Lolo and a Lola, on the mother side, who are both here in the city.

And when the time came that they met their Lolo and Lola for the first time (me, the second time around, as I saw them when they were yet being bottle-fed), they experienced a new feeling of relationship.

As what dad Jeckjeck told them while we were taking breakfast prepared by me in the house, “Children, you will really miss Lolo back home (Canada) because this is the first time that both of you were personally being served with glasses of milk by no less than your Lolo here.”

The last 15-day trip of Tatianna and Ishiko in the country (nine days with us in the city and six days in Manila) were already reported in this corner in my Monday column when they wrote about their observation on what they saw and felt upon their arrival in Manila and Davao City.

Both kids also wrote about their love and affection to me in that article that even earned me an innocent gesture from them when they wrote: “Best Lolo Ever” in a piece of paper.

They both promised to return to the country “soon.”


I would say the recent visit of my son had also finally ended the long years of feud existing between him and Tala, as well as eldest son Jojo and me which I considered a mere misunderstanding due to a communication gap.

And is there any family in this world that never had such a problem among members?

We kissed and hugged on the night of his and his kids’ departure back home with a personal invitation from my son to see them in Vancouver, Canada next summer which I answered: “Hopefully, I can make it.”

Happy weekend!

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