TIMESMAN| Mayor’s supporters should believe him

THANK GOD, finally the long awaited response of Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte to query if he is a presidentiable is now answered with finality.

Mayor Rody has announced he’s no longer running for the presidency, retires from politics after his term ends in 2016 and writes finish to all speculations that he still aiming for a higher post.

He apologized to all his supporters who believed in him and spent their owned money pushing for his candidacy during the last few months.

Although his followers are still hoping that he will still change his mind the mayor stood firmed to his decision and said he will just support the candidacy of her daughter Inday Sara to replace him at City Hall and of those candidates from local and national posts.

That’s a good decision not only for himself and family but to his apos who will now have his full attention in accompanying them to malls and parks in the city.

Hindi ka nagkamali, mayor. As you can see, I’m enjoying my life as a retiree.

But I pity his supporters in the movement who still believe that they can persuade him into changing his mind. “We are already so used to him rejecting the call,” the group said. “When did he ever say that he will run?”

I’m not blaming the group if that’s what they believe. I have known Mayor Rody since he was not in politics yet, and these long years following his career in public service convinced me that what he said is what his supporters should believe, or else they will only end up disappointed.

“I’m sorry (to) all who believed in me and spent money to advertise my name. I believe it is no longer my time in politics,” Mayor Rody said.

Some of his supporters might not get right that admission of the mayor in his last statement that it’s no longer his time in politics. At 71, he’s no longer Rody Duterte of 30 years ago who roamed the already busy streets of the city on his Big Bike, running after would-be bad elements, or sometimes acting as traffic policeman. Like me, Mayor Rody now on his bonus age and I believe that people on that twilight years must spend that remaining years more wisely and with peace of mind.

By the way, even without permission from Boss Willie, now that Mayor Rody is soon to be jobless, I’m inviting him to the media circle and write columns side by side with the Timesmen. Is it nice to be on the pages of this paper this time sharing your own opinion on the attitude, including wrong-doings, of our politicians and other controversial figures in local and national offices?

And the beauty of being in the media, instead of the person being asked questions, this time it’s the other way around.


The chairman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs (CBCP-CPA) warned voters to choose new breed of government officials and refrain from electing traditional politicians as they have no new things to offer. Except perhaps to enrich themselves in office?

“Maghanap tayo ng hindi pangkaraniwang politico, kaya nag-iimbita tayo sa mamamayan na tumakbo hindi yung dati nang tumakbo, mga trapo yan, ginagamit na nila ang pamamaraan dati, wala na tayong makukuhang bago sa kanila,” Bishop Frederick Pabillo said in a radio interview.

Ewan ko, there is nothing new on the good Bishop’s warning. Every election, this is the same warning we heard of from the church people. He is like a broken record.

Bishop Pabillo must be aware that once in the government, even a saint becomes a sinner as the temptation to abuse the position is everywhere and hard to ignore although there are also a few public officials who are honest and dedicated and whose only purpose is to serve the people.

Even those priests who temporarily left the congregation in the past and joined politics and won, some of them never got re-elected because of the issue of corruption while in public office. In other words, the government, as a giant employer, is the biggest corruptor of people within it.

Before I forget, kakain pala kami ng mga apo ko sa JolB, McDo, at ChowK ngayon!

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