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IT SEEMS that presidential bet Sen. Grace Poe’s criticism against this administration for being selective in prosecuting crooks in the government is not just a political attack but a reality after another former Aquino’s Cabinet member has been found guilty of graft by the Sandiganbayan and could be sent to prison.

Nereus Acosta, a former presidential adviser on environmental concerns, was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison the other day for allocating P5.5 million of the pork barrel to a foundation owned by his family when he was a Bukidnon representative in 2006.

His mother, former Mayor Socorro Acosta of Fortich town, was also found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of violating Republic Act No. 3019, or the Anti-Graft Corrupt and Practices Act.

It will be recalled that during the second presidential debate in Cebu City, Poe claimed that only non-LP government officials and “has been” political members had been indicted for graft-related cases under the Aquino administration.

Well, para sa akin, the wheels of justice is not too slow for these small fishes to pay for their sins, but not for the big corrupt ones who may escape being prosecuted as the days of the Aquino administration will soon come to an end.


The election fever is not just throwing mud at each other’s face but it is also entertaining to know that some candidates have the guts to reveal in public some of the hidden skeletons in their closet.

To these people, I salute them for being honest to themselves and the electorates!

Geraldine Roman, a 49-year-old transgender and a candidate in the first district of Bataan province, admitted that one of her overriding concern once elected is which comfort room to use in the House of Congress.

“My problem upon reaching Congress is which comfort room I am allowed to use,” said the daughter of outgoing Bataan Rep. Herminia Roman and the late Assemblyman Antonino Roman Jr.

Geraldine said she has lived as a woman for the past 22 years. She said she lived for a number of years in Spain where she got married to a Spanish citizen. Spain allows same sex marriage.


The brother of Manny Pacquiao said the world champion’s decision to quit after his fight with Timothy Bradley next month is largely influenced by his decision to pursue a seat in the Senate. He said Manny doesn’t want people to say that he’d been remiss on his duties as a legislator.

He..he.. no comment ako diyan.


Belated birthday greetings to Mayor Rody who turned 71 years old last Monday!

Our presidential bet preferred to stay at home with his family minus fanfare or a lavish party. He slept the whole day, according to a friend.

“There is no party and that has always been his way of celebrating his birthday,” said Duterte’s executive assistant Christopher “Bong” Go.

I understand. Some people conscious, of getting old prefer not to celebrate birthdays. That’s one way of avoiding being called already gurang.

In my case, I am proud to reach that age. When I reached my 75 last January 17, I announced to the whole world that I was marking my milestone. That’s an accomplishment in life that money can’t buy – living a bonus age.

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