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TV host and actress Kris Aquino will campaign for Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go if he decides to run for senator in the 2019 mid-term elections.

“You know I will even campaign for you because I believe in you, but why leave the President? Why leave Malacanang? Maybe a snake will take your position,” Kris told Bong in a text message, which the SAP shared in an interview.

I believe that Kris’s support for Bong’s candidacy is for real considering that she considers him “her friend.” And besides, Bong I believe has many friends and supporters, including the former presidential sister.

But with her dwindling popularity and failed marriage, will Kris still have magic to millions of voters many of whom seem suddenly forgotten the name Aquino after the former President Benigno Aquino stepped down from Malacanang and now being implicated in the controversial Dengvaxia and the Mamasapano incident?

I want to believe what some netizens commented about Kris after she exchanged not so nice messages with Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson’s post on social media criticizing the actress father, the late former senator Ninoy Aquino. We just shortened the comments of Netizens in three words in Pilipino, “Kulang sa pansin!”

But when Kris posted a question to Bong, “Maybe a snake will take your position?” this is where I believe Kris. Aray!

Although we now see in many city street corners political propaganda materials endorsing “Bong Go for Senator” while a reliable source informed me that containers-after-containers of T-Shirts bearing the face of Bong are now ready for distribution, I still stick to my belief that Bong is not running for any elective position in the coming elections.

As I said before, Bong maybe not a born politician as he is a guy you can trust, tahimik at mahiyain seeing him when he was still in the arms of her mom Marichu (Tesoro) every time we met at Tesoro’s Printing Press.

He is a big contrast to some politicians who are very talkative but doing nothing in their jobs, mayabang, and never mind. The qualities Bong doesn’t have.

And besides, why leave the President? Why leave Malacanang? (To borrow the words of Kris) We now consider you a “Little President” because DU30’s words are also yours!
Some people think that the kissing scene between President Duterte and a married Filipina worker in public during a meeting with Filipino community in Seoul, South Korea, “is abuse of authority” and the President can make “all the sexist and misogynistic or do as he did and get away with it.”

Gabriela Southern Mindanao in a statement said: “Of course, they may justify that the woman gave consent and felt honored. But this is not about woman. This is about abuse of authority.”

Ewan ko why some people gave malice to a man and a woman kissing on the lips when in some places around the world, particularly in the US, this is a practice that no one ever gives attention to.

As what President Duterte’s reaction to criticism to him, he said: “That’s my style. Look for your own style.” Dah!

My question is, what if you’re in the position of the OFW kissed by the President, will you be shouting protests to high heaven? I doubt.


Tomorrow, June 12 is a regular holiday being an Independence Day. Then another regular holiday on June 15 after the President signed Proclamation No. 514 in lieu of the Muslims Eid’l Fit’r or the end of the Ramadan, a religious festival.

When I was a student, I welcomed every holiday (more than 20 of them not to mention Sundays) a refreshing moment to relax from doing school assignments.

But now I realize that having so many holidays is not only bad for business but as well as holidays make one a dull boy!

I suggest to the President that he should limit his proclamation of holidays in the country. Kawawa naman ang mga negosyante.

Long live Pilipinas!

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