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Quarreling among children in a family is nothing but natural especially when the parents have died and they inheritance they left is subject of partition among siblings.

Even if there is a will or legal statement of how the “mana” is to be divided, there is always a “kontrabida” among the family members especially when wealth is not equally divided.

Yes, it is only but natural, as there is always of what we call the black sheep in the family no matter how rich and powerful the family is.

Even the first sons of Adam and Eve quarreled and sad to think that one of the brothers, Abel, was murdered by his own brother, Cain (Genesis IV). Cain was jealous of seeing Abel preferred by God.

A long-time friend now living abroad shared his experience with a family whose children quarreled over the wealth they inherited although the parents were still around.

Tomas (my friend) said when the parents decided to donate all their lifetime savings to their children one of the heirs questioned why their parents gave a share to a half-brother “when he is only a half-brother.”

Sad to say, Tomas said the one who questioned wanted their still living parents also out of the sharing because they themselves were the ones donating the properties to them and they may die soon anyway. Bastos!

The father, according to Tomas, explained since they are still alive they need the money for their own maintenance and food. The father said he only gave to their children their shares in advance so that they have something to start with for their own families.

Until now the siblings are not in good terms and even a case has filed by the ungrateful son already reached the court in U.S. because the complainant is not satisfied of what he got. Swapang!

This black sheep in the family deserves no part of the donation. He’s greedy.


Sen. Risa Hontiveros urged President Duterte to sign into law the Mental Health Act which seeks to provide help to Filipinos suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

Hontiveros said: “I really call on the President because the Mental Health bill has already been ratified by both houses of Congress since last May. Within that month, it’s up for signing.”

I fully agree with the Senator in the light of so many cases of suicide as reported here and abroad committed not only ordinary people but celebrities as well.

But one thing is I, too, wanted the immediate signing into law of the Mental Health bill for one reason. So many people in the government now (including barangay officials) have suddenly become too complacent in dealing with their constituents the moment they were given that temporary mandate by the people.

Nagiging hambog, hindi na lumilingon sa pinanggalingan.

And while that might be but natural for some people to act strangely once in power, lumalaki bigla ang ulo, the Hontiveros bill is worth acting by the President the sooner the better. Or we might also suffer from mental disorder!


Yesterday was Father’s Day. As usual, my daughter from abroad made a reservation for six persons to an eat-all-you-can popular establishment at SM Premier in Lanang. No longer at the Vikings where we used celebrating occasions.

It’s a newly open Top One also at SM Premier where you can eat with gusto and beer is also like a leaking pipe of DCWD. Sky is the limit!

Don’t you worry I am still in control of my eating habit and drinking beer too. At my age, people no longer expect me that I am still in the prime of health. But I can still drive even without eyeglasses.

If I can still remember, when mall establishments were not yet in the minds of shoppers, Father’s Day was never an occasion to celebrate then. Now aside from dad’s day we also have Mother’s Day, Grandpa’s Day and Grandma’s Day. And even my pet dog in the house has its share of Animal’s Day.

I am just curious. Some businessmen might have something to do with so many “Days” in a row to celebrate to make sales and rake in profits? Happy Father’s Day!

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