TIMESMAN| Incident similar to Mary Jane’s

FILIPINO MAID Mary Jane Veloso, accused of drug trafficking in Indonesia, was spared from execution by firing squad yesterday in the Indonesian island prison of Nusakambangan. But eight other drug convicts

from Australia, France, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana and an Indonesian were not lucky enough and their executions were pushed through as scheduled at 1:45 a.m. yesterday.

Veloso was returned to her prison cell in Nusakambangan immediately, thinking maybe how she was able to remain alive and kicking.

We have no idea yet while I’m making this corner what made Indonesian President Joko Widodo change his mind giving Veloso a reprieve. But for sure, it might be the last-minute plea of President Aquino to President Widodo to push for a retrial of the mother of two as he believed that Veloso was” apparently duped into being an unwitting carrier of illegal drugs.” President Aquino suggested to President Widodo that by sparing the life of Veloso, she can be a credible government witness against the people behind the international drug syndicate that victimized her.

Bitaw. Kung papatayin nga naman lahat, sino pa ang makapagbibigay ng information?

But let’s not rejoice yet. The fact that Veloso was spared from being executed doesn’t mean she’s already safe from facing her executioners. The Indonesian court in the retrial of her case might still find her guilty of the charge and she will join later other convicts who already met their deaths. I’m praying that this will not happen.


I remember the time in one of my PAL flights to Manila, I met this security man manning the domestic departure area at the Davao International Airport who identified himself as he knows me and said he was a former bodyguard of Mayor Rody. I recognized the guy frequenting City Hall that’s why medyo nahulog agad ang loob ko sa kanya.

He asked me if he can utilize the free extra 3 kilo-luggage which I didn’t avail. Being too trusting with the guy as a former City Hall employee, I agreed with his request.

When I wrote this incident in my column in my return trip to Davao, a close-in bodyguard of Mayor Rody called me by phone and asked for the name of that security man I entrusted with my free luggage privilege at the airport.

“Alam mo ba Lor, delikado ang ginawa mo. Paano kung illegal contraband ang pinaggamitan niya noon?” Mayor Rody’s close-in asked. Patay kang bata ka!

I realized my mistake, but fortunately, for more than 20 years now, no one approach me to handcuff me for carrying illegal drugs.

Veloso was caught for drug trafficking at the airport in Jakarta, and according to her defense, she didn’t know that the travelling bag handed her by an African recruiter contained heroin hide inside the bag.

Veloso’s case might be different with my case but the fact that the free-cargo privilege I generously entrusted with the security man was with my name on it, and the man used it for his illegal activity, goodbye, Mr.Timesman and Veloso would not have been nag-iisa ngayon!


Three days from today, we will know if Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao will be the 48th victim of American idol Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his unbeaten record in his boxing career, or Mayweather Jr. will be forced to retire after Pacquao floor him in the 6th round of their ‘fight of the century’ on May 3 at MGM boxing arena in Las Vegas.

While other boxing fans (I’m not) are paying hundreds to see the live fight on television, I will content my self to see the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in my little air-conditioned room on that day.

Another thing, while my heart is for the victory of the Pambansang kamao as a fellow Filipino, I’m betting my last centavo for the undefeated champion. Isiniguro ko lang na matalo man ang manok ko, may pera pa ako na pambili ng manok. Wise.

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