TIMESMAN| I’m now convinced that K-12 is okay

CONGRATULATIONS to Jin Lorenz who graduated from Grade 8 (equivalent to second year high school) with the academic honor as third medalist of the Ateneo de Davao University yesterday.

The government’s K-12 program which will be fully implemented in 2016 was gradually introduced in the school two years ago. It mandates one year of kindergarten, six years of elementary school, four years of junior high school and two years of senior high school.

Under the K-12 program, the last two years in high school that will be called

senior high school provides sufficient time for students to prepare themselves for tertiary level, middle skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.

The Philippine News Agency (PNA) reported that the European Innovation, Technology and Science Foundation (EITSCI), an initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine (ECCP), supports the Philippine government in implementing the K-12 Basic education program for senior high school students in the country.

EITSC promotes awareness in innovation, technology and science to the Filipino youth and develops linkages between academe and private sector, says the report.

“There is a distinct need for a platform where senior high school graduates can acquire the skills and tools necessary to be employed. We want this project to align the academic curriculum of educational institutions in the country with what the various industries require,” said EITSE executive director Dominic Sabado.

Hopefully, Jin Lorenz will be among the first graduates of K-12 program in 2018.

Like other parents who opposed the implementation of the new education program, I was openly against the added two years in the basic education knowing that million Filipinos are poor and adding two more years will be an added burden for many parents.

But the past two years Jin Lorenz had under gone such adjustment, we noticed a big difference in the boy’s improved learning development as he almost excel in all his academic subjects. Proof is his academic medal.

My son Jeckjeck who is a registered nurse in a hospital in Canada and a daughter Tala who will be graduating in nursing in the US by 2016, want their younger brother to also become a nurse when he reaches college and work abroad which I didn’t oppose.

But upon introduction of the K-12 program in the country and a big change in Jin Lorenz’s excellent showing in his studies, I have second thoughts now for the boy to become a lawyer instead of what his brother and sister abroad wished him to be. Sayang ang kanyang talento na natutuhan sa programa.

As a lawyer, you don’t need to go abroad for greener pastures. You can stay in the country and be the boss of yourself and even earn what nurses abroad can get, I told Jin Lorenz.

And despite the petition filed by the “Coalition for the Suspension of K to 12”, “Suspend K to 12 Alliance” and the Council of Teachers and Staff of Universities and Colleges in the Philippines (COTESCUP) for reason that its implementation will cause displacement and loss of work to 80,000 teachers and non-teaching personnel in various colleges and universities nationwide, and while I do sympathize for our teachers’ complaint, sorry to say that K-12 program might be the only solution for Filipino students to be competitive with their counterparts abroad.


As usual, I’m now prepared on what to do when summer comes. The usual fishing hobby will be in my priority list.

The last few weekends I had been throwing my fishing gear in Sta. Ana wharf where fellow small time fishermen spend their leisure time even when the first ray of sun is yet to rise from above the coastal area of Davao Oriental, so far, only a bugaong and talakitok as big as a palm of a new born child were the only trophies I got.

Now, Jin Lorenz and I are preparing to spend the last two days of Holy Week at Isla Reta in Talikud Island to fish and catch that elusive three to five kilos of black lapu-lapu which we used to catch during the time of the former Timesmen of yesteryears.

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