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I got a frantic call from my daughter abroad last week. She said: “Pa, expect a call from the US Immigration Office within a month. Your application for immigrant visa which I filed last Nov. 20, 2017 has been granted last May, 2018, just less than a year. You’re now a green card holder.”

Tala, still single and a Phil-Am card holder, was very excited of the good news she received. More than I am. I didn’t even think then that someday I will be visiting Uncle Sam and be a part of many Filipinos’ American dreams.

Ever since my daughter acquired her American citizenship status eight years ago, she keeps on inviting me to travel to the US, but I politely turned down her invitation by telling her: “Masaya na ako dito sa Pilipinas.

Once Tala told me: “Pa, kapag nakarating ako ng Amerika, yayaman tayo at mag-i-enjoy ka sa retirement years mo.

Although I now live a comfortable life in my retirement years, my feeling is that we’re not rich until now. But Tala’s promise to me that I will enjoy my retirement years the moment she works abroad came true. Masayang masaya na ako sa buhay ko ngayon.

But who knows, I might change my mind and finally make a trip to US and the Timesman might soon begin with dateline: USA.

With this new recognition in my life, I now acquired a triple citizenship – as a natural born Filipino, a senior citizen, and now the green card holder.

Today is World No Tobacco Day. Although I did not smoke since birth, just the same, I have to remind many people tied to the dangerous habit to be cautious of its bad effect to their health.

The UN health agency reported that tobacco use has been linked to more than seven million deaths worldwide each year, including some 890,000 from breathing in second-hand smoke.

But unknown to many, nearly half of those deaths, around three million, are due to cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and stroke, WHO warned.

Most people know that using tobacco causes cancer and lung disease, but many people aren’t aware that tobacco also causes heart disease and stroke – the world’s leading killers, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.

It is not too late to heed the warning. Tobacco will not only shorten your life, but continuous smoking may also contribute a drain to your pocket as this is part of the higher sin tax the government is collecting for every stick you buy. Think!


The long arm of the law has finally caught up with a long-time fugitive and alleged member of a defunct notorious kidnap gang in Central Mindanao in an anti-drug operations conducted by the police in a village in Surralah town, South Cotabato.

The suspect was identified as Danny Andrada, a resident of Sitio Morales, Barangay Centrale.
No matter how clever you are, you can’t have it forever.

It is disheartening to see older people like me handcuffed by the police for being involved in the illegal drugs.

Disheartening in the sense that they should be in the comfort of a happy family at that age and not doing any illegal activity.

Hadja Sitti Jalaidi, an alleged drug leader in Zamboanga City and her follower, Norma Awod, both elderly women, were arrested by the police in an anti-operation.

Sayang, tumanda sila ng paurong!


CCP’s founder Jose Maria Sison, now more than three decades of seeking asylum as a political refugee in the Netherlands is asking for assurance from President Duterte of his safety once he comes home for the signing of the Interim Peace Agreement which is set within the month and the subsequent mutual approval of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reform, the “heart and soul” of the government and National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

President Duterte in his response to Sison’s statement for the latter’s safety said, Sison is free to leave the country “unhampered, unfettered, unbridled” if the talks would turn out unsuccessful. “But this time, sabi ko nga, sabihin ko sa kanya, ‘please, if it is unsuccessful, please go home.’ Ihatid ko siya sa airport. Walang Aquino style na patayan, na barilin ko sa likod.”

Sison’s fear for his life once he steps down the tarmac only shows his being coward as he himself has proven it when he hid in another country for decades.

His followers who continue their struggle for what they believe in while giving their lives do not deserve a leader like the communist Sison.

The President should not also give his assurance of Sison’s safety because he has no control of people who dislike his former professor and might kill him “Aquino style.” And if this happens, who do you think will be blamed for Sison’s death?

This is just a piece of my fear, Mr. President.

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