TIMESMAN| Good or bad news?

THE ACCEPTANCE of the President on the resignation of Vice Mayor Paulo Z. Duterte may surprise many people especially critics of this administration who always believe that those in power

are untouchable and have the edge to remain in office. But not to this writer who once served as a barangay official but also resigned from the elective post not because of wrongdoing but because the law says so, or I may say, for delicadeza.

While Paulo cited as reasons for resigning from his position the issue that linked him to the smuggling as well as his family problems, this writer also resigned his post at the middle of his six-year term as elected barangay kagawad and president of the community association for two reasons: That no one is above the law, and the other to secure the future of my growing up children then.

I voluntarily resigned to then mayor Elias B. Lopez as I was accused of abandoning my elective position when I transferred my residence to another barangay which, under the Omnibus Election Code, a person must be a bonafide resident of the barangay where he is an official. By transferring to another place outside of the barangay where I was an incumbent official automatically disqualified me from continuing my hold in office.

I sacrificed my public office for my family and honor.

Paolo said in his resignation letter that he was resigning to spare the family, particularly his father President Duterte, from further embarrassment.

By accepting Paulo’s resignation, President Duterte has proven his being a good example to other politicians who are kapal muks as they even brag about their sins in public. The President will spare no one even his own children if they run counter to his good governance.

Congratulations to District Two Councilor Bernie Al-ag, a family friend, who is poised to replace the resigned vice mayor.


First the good news. Mayor Inday Sara signed Executive Order No. 46, series of 2017 granting P5,000 each in cash benefits for the survivors of deceased senior citizens.

Qualified to receive the benefits are the deceased elderly’s spouse, children, and next of kin; residents of Davao City for at least six months; benefactors who took care of the deceased senior citizens for at least three months prior to the senior citizen’s death; claimants of the Lingap sa Mahirap Program who have not received P5,000 given by the program.

Based on the qualifications of the beneficiaries, this writer is more than qualified as I meet all the requirements, such as an elderly spouse, residency, number of years I cared for my wife when she was sick, and have not received P5,000 cash by the program.

Nine members of my immediate family – my parents, brothers, sister, my wife (not to mention some nieces and nephews, apo sa tuhod at talampakan considered as next of kin) – were all deceased.

My question here, can I still claim on behalf of all my dead relatives since I am the only one surviving and more than qualified in the EO requirements?

Just asking because if ever I am considered as a claimant. Some people may call me an “instant millionaire” courtesy of this new program. If not, this is more than a bad news.

Happy New Year, Mayor.


Millions of devotees are expected to join the annual translacion or Black Nazarene’s procession tomorrow in Metro Manila.

We are among these devotees that never forget to remember HIS feast every year despite the fact that I am miles away from the center of the celebration. By mere mention in this corner HIS annual activity, I believe that one can still fulfill his/her devotion to HIM for as we know that God is everywhere to guide those who may only believe in HIM.

Happy fiesta, Senior!

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