TIMESMAN| Digong parin!

DESPITE of his name now as among the leading presidentiables in the May, 2016 elections, Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte is yet to decide whether to run or not. His only response to clamor for him to seek the highest position in the land is “he would need to think 100 times” before deciding to gun for Malacanang next year.

Like Mayor Rody, I’m also confused whether to believe he’s eyeing Malacanang considering the challenges waiting for him the moment he’s already on the campaign trail.

Speaking of challenges, first of all he needs about 10 to 15 billion pesos to sustain the 90-day campaign period to cover all the barangays in the country from Luzon,Visayas and Mindanao. On the campaign kitty, Mayor Rody has a lot of friends who may be willing to share their wealth to help him. So, funding his candidacy may already be in the bag.

Secondly, is he already prepared to face the well-entrenched machinery of Vice President Jejomar Binay who is also eyeing the presidency and whose vote-getting power all over the country has already been proven when he defeated Mar Roxas then as administration candidate and other known rich politicians such as Erap Estrada and billionaire Manny Villar?

And what about Sen. Grace Poe who, despite her being neophyte in politics, topped the senatorial race because she was the daughter of FPJ, initials his Filipino fans must already have engraved in their hearts.

In the latest Pulse Asia survey, Mayor Rody was tied with Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada for third place. Binay is leading was the survey with Poe in second place.

When asked on this latest survey, Mayor Rody said: “I can’t really answer you. I don’t know why I am included.”

Even I can’t believe the result of the Pulse Asia survey. With only 1,200 people asked from March 1 to 7 for their preference to replace President Aquino, how can you measure the outcome of the race? Unless of course if I’m paid to do the job.

Since the launching of his Duterte for President Movement last year, Mayor Rody has been publicly saying he is undecided about running for the presidency.

But people who know his politics think otherwise. His tour of the country to promote federalism may already be a form of campaigning to get the pulse of the public, an observer claimed.

Unless Mayor Rody has already filed his candidacy for president, for the meantime, let’s enjoy reading what’s the next development on his political career. Anyway, Digong pa rin ako kahit ano mangyari.


Capt, Joann Petinglay said the arrest of Mohammad Ali Tambako, believed to be among the armed men who clashed with Police Special Action Force on January 25 at Mamasapano, Maguindanao, may weaken, or disable the rebel group.

“The group has been weakened, even disabled with the arrest of Tambako because he was the one sourcing funds for the group’s terror activities,” Petinglay said of Tambako’s group—the United Justice for Islamic Movement (UJIM).

She maybe right there, but I still believe that in every rebel leader killed or captured, there is always a lieutenant trained to take his place. Like corrupt politicians who teach their children to become corrupt when it is their turn to tell lies to the voters.

But we still congratulate the Task Force Force Central (TFC), a military-led task force tasked to neutralize the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) which the Army said has been providing haven for suspected international terrorists in Maguindanao. At least there’s result of the all out war against criminals.

Meantime, let the authorities continue their offensive and not totally sleep on their laurel. May kasabihan tayo na when the cat is away, the mouse plays.

The rebel group might only be waiting for the opportunity to strike back and surprise our defenders with their pants down.

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