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The title has nothing to do with the movie “Dante’s Peak” portrayed by Pierce Brosnan, but an attraction in the northern of the region.

Last week, our group visited several tourist spots in Davao Oriental, among them the
Mountain Top Spring Resort in Barangay Macambol, Mati City. Part of that resort is Dante’s Peak, named after businessman Dante Sapalo, 55, 6’4 in height and former basketball player in both the commercial and the collegiate leagues in the 1980s.

According to Dante, a very simple man despite his wealth with a big heart and a native of Mati, after his retirement from basketball and with the money he saved, he and some friends explored the peak, 1,000 feet above sea level overlooking Balite Bay and Baywalk Park of Mati few years back.

After exploring the place that can only be reached by foot, Dante told his friends that he will develop the area into a world class tourist spot and asked them if they will be joining him. But he got negative response, although this did not discourage him even he lost a huge amount of money in other ventures. This time he said, he will succeed because he already learned from previous mistakes.
He then proceeded with his plan and returned to the place with some workers and heavy equipment as they started building roads as he also succeeded in convincing the property owners of his intention.

Within the year, Dante was able to make a two-way winding but rough road, which turns muddy during rainy days, At the drop off point of Dante’s Peak we parked our cars after almost one-and-a-half hours of driving.

Our worries were finally forgotten when we saw the place and took dip of the cold and continuous flowing blue crystal alkaline water of the swimming pool.

And you can also drink the water in the pool. I didn’t try although our water in the house is also alkaline. Sa dami ng batang naliligo, baka ang iba hindi na nakatiis. Hehe.

Part of the development are the 35 air-conditioned cabins already in place, seven swimming pools as Dante is planning to build more within the 15-hectare property.

Another 35 tree houses are also on the planning stage with power generators to be built to light the occupied area.
Dante was already waiting for us when the convoy of 3 cars arrived. Dr. Lobo was the one who informed us to see Dante’s Peak before going home. He notified Dante by phone that we were coming.

In my next column, I will tell you more about the continuation of our escapade.

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