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THE 13-year-old girl who accused a Taytay, Rizal priest of allegedly “booking” her in a motel told the police that the priest “used” her twice last June and she was paid P3,000 in their first “encounter.”

He must be rich, or the money he paid to the minor might come from abuloy of churchgoers?

The 55-year-old Msgr. Arnel Lagarejos was released from the Marikina City Jail after posting bail of P120,000 for his provisionary liberty, while his co-accused, a 16-year-old pimp who setup  “meetings” between the priest and the girl, was denied bail on the premise that Lagarejos only “used” a trafficked person while it was the pimp who was trafficking the victim.

Well, I might be a little convinced on the decision that the one that gave the “forbidden fruit” is much guilty than the one that ate it. But in the contrary, the latter should not allow to post bail as he may be considered an accessory to the crime and of age that can be charged in court, unlike the pimp who is to be placed at the city’s social welfare office being a minor.

But if there is truth to the report that a retired judge lobbied for Lagarejos to be granted bail, this to my mind only a DOM (Dirty Old Man) can appreciate.

The Antipolo Diocese, to which Arnel Lagarejos belongs offers its spiritual and psychological assistance to the alleged victim.

If I were the mother of the child, I will not accept the offer. Hindi na nga nila nadisiplina ang kasamahan nila, how much more the victim!


National Capital Region Police Chief Director Oscar Albayade said that no Metro Manila mayor is in the list of politicians with alleged links to illegal drug syndicates, “but barangay captains down, we have. There were councilors, too.”

He added that these local officials tolerate the wrongdoings of barangay leaders because they are after the votes that they can deliver.

You may now have all the reasons to recommend to President Duterte to include these local officials in the list of his Narco politician. By tolerating these barangay officials to engage in the drug trade may already consider them allowing the proliferation of illegal drugs in their jurisdictions.

It is very clear that these local officials are giving more importance to the votes of barangay officials rather than help the President to eliminate illegal drugs.

Common sense, Sir, common sense.


I may sometimes disagree with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV in his criticisms of this administration, but this time I agree with him in some points when he earlier said “hundreds of cadres” of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) are now “officially employed” in the Duterte administration and many of them may use their positions to “stockpile arms and ammunition, which they will use later on against our soldiers.” He called for President Duterte to sack them.

Yes, hundreds of these former rebels are now in the Cabinet down. Some maybe using their positions in helping their former comrades until now as we cannot just erase in their minds the ideologies they were fighting for decades.

But to say to let them out of the Duterte administration is for me inappropriate as these reformers are the kind of people the President needs in his administration. They rebelled against the government to fight the abuses, and now that they see that their struggles are now in their doorsteps, they lay down their arms and help the President cure the disease they were fighting for. They cannot rebel anymore with the President because he knows them all from head to foot.


With the advent of the holiday seasons, next month is the beginning of the “ber” months, we only expect the increase in criminal activities as many of these bad elements may already have in mind how to earn money at the expense of the community.

On this, our group in the homeowners association has now taken an action on how to fight criminality if it happens within the subdivision.

An ongoing installation of Top Guard Fence for the whole village; installation of CCTVs on strategic places; and increase in security visibility, among others, are just but a few that the village are working on.

But we are also calling the cooperation of the residents to be vigilant. Those security measures are nothing if the homeowners themselves will not help.

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