TIMESMAN| Comedians in our politics!

COMEDIAN Jimmy Morales, a comic actor and TV personality, won a landslide victory in Guatemala’s presidential race Sunday despite having no political experience, after a campaign upended by a corruption scandal that felled the outgoing president.

That may be news to Guatemalans but not to Filipinos. We are used to having comedians in our politics.

Just think of this. A presidential candidate claiming he is a lover of actress-TV host Kris Aquino, or a candidate in the past elections who promised that if elected president he will abolish floods in Central Luzon through a top secret system of dikes.

Of course, for the honchos of the Commission on Elections not to be accused of having the same mentality as these characters, the poll body declared them nuisance candidates.

Ay, naku! (As Onyok, a boy character in the ABS-CBN TV series ”Probinsiyano”, favourite expression) no wonder, our tourism officials chose “It’s more fun in the Philippines” as its slogan to attract foreign visitors in the country. Katawanan talaga!


More. Brothers and former Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes and Coron Mayor Mario Reyes, the country’s most wanted fugitives now detained as suspects in masterminding the killing of Palawan broadcaster and environmentalist Dr.Gerry Ortiga on Jan. 24, 2011, completed their biometric profiling inside the city jail, both planning to run for reelections in 2016 elections.

Again, that’s no longer news to us. Consider this.

Incumbent Sen. Antonio Trillanes III was reelected for his second term while in jail for leading a mutiny with a group of fellow military officers. In fact, the senator was even reported as having the most expenses of his allotment as a lawmaker despite his confinement.

Former martial law dictator Ferdinand Marcos was also in jail for his involvement in the Nalundasan case murder in Ilocos Norte but nevertheless elected senator and eventually became President of the Republic for more than 20 years.

Now, can you blame the Reyes brothers for following the footsteps of jailed politicians before them and make a mockery of our judicial system? Wala sa kanila ang problema. Baka nasa sa mga opisyales natin!


Another case. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile was sent to jail for the charge of plunder together with two others, Senators Ramon “Bong” Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada.

The last two senators are not as lucky as Enrile as he was released in jail (hospital arrest) for humanitarian reason being 92 of age and allegedly sickly. Yet, he was seen on television upon his release from confinement attending senate sessions with a big smile on his face. Sino naluko dito?

Former President now incumbent Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is in hospital arrest since the start of the Aquino administration also for plunder. But she may do the Enrile in days to come to enjoy her remaining years in life outside of her present predicament.

On “Pogi” and “Sexy”, they can’t use as alibi their age as they both are far from being a senior citizens yet. Sickly? They are still as strong as a carabao in the field.

As for me, I might reconsider my plan not to join politics again. I will run for mayor of this city, not necessarily shaving my head. That’s if Mayor Rody will not run for reelection and his daughter Inday Sara will not think of returning to City Hall.

Remember, I used to be an elected barangay head during the martial law years and experience wise, I’m no stranger in running a public office.

Joining a crazy marathon to hold public office nowadays to get rich seems already a fad as many believe there’s gold mine in government service!

At kung mahuli kang nagnanakaw, hindi ka makukulong dahil puedeng alibi may rayuma ka!

Happy Halloween! See you at the cemetery, still kicking.

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