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OUR 24-hour stay with Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) during the weekend would not be made possible if not for the invitation of my US-based daughter Tala and longtime boyfriend Nathan Hilgendorf who are on vacation for the housewarming of our new residence at Damosa Fairlane and her reunion with former classmates from PWC and UM.
Of course with just mere mention of Pearl Farm, recognized by the ASEAN in 2016 as one of the top 10 hotels in the Philippines and one of the five ‘five-star’ resorts in the country that operates with environment-friendly practices, one may say “Wow, Loreto might be somebody by now because many people that patronize the world-renowned resort are mostly dollar-earners from abroad.”
You may be correct there, but I am not. I am the same banana you know 58 years ago.
Here are some insights of Tala, Nathan, and Jin Lorenz of their first trip to Pearl Farm.
Tala: We enjoyed every minute at Pearl Farm, one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever stayed. Pearl Farm is a hidden paradise, perfect for couples and families. The beach between the Parola bar and the Samal Suite 6 where we stayed is fantastic. Best place to relax, unwind and enjoy the money you work for. It’s all worth it! Mostly everything, the resort is amazingly gorgeous the staffs are very accommodating, everybody is polite and food was superb and there were lots of choices, well-maintained facilities and amenities. If you want to escape the city life, this is the best place to stay!
Nathan: My experience at Pearl Farm Resort was great. It was my first time to ride the banana boat and use the paddle board. The food was very good as well as the shared amenities. You can even snorkel just off the shore of the resort, that’s how beautiful the place is. We also had a massage at the spa, which was the first time for “Papa” Loreto. Next time I return to the Philippines I would enjoy going back to Pearl Farm Resort.
Jin Lorenz: If I will be asked to rate the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, I will give it a perfect score of 10 in a range of from 1 to 10.
For me, our short visit to the beach resort owned by Anflocor would be 99% memorable if not for an incident. While we were at the 150-foot deep water between the resort and Malipano Island, the boat’s engine failed to start. The four of us and two other bankeros of RC Hobby Shop and and Aquasports, the company that services Pearl Farm’s water activities, had to wait for an hour for rescue.
We had to cancel our underwater diving to coral and Taclobo sites to avoid getting more trouble then.
If not for the presence of mind of this writer and his reliable ‘vintage’ 15-year-old cell phone that was used in calling the attention of the people in the island, the incident that started only as a minor one could have become tragic to all of us, God forbid!
Anyway, we still brought the incident to the attention of the management of the resort and our complaint was immediately acted upon by the resort OIC Aldrin Cepe and sales manager Argelyn Lim.
The two Pearl Farm Beach Resort officers even made sure that the remaining 20 hours of our stay in the island will still be something to be remembered. Thank you, Aldrin and pretty Argelyn.
The business resort even gifted me a coffee mug printed with “Best dad ever.”
As a reminder to RC Bobby Shop and Aquasports, do not operate your business without having two-way radios for emergency, in case an unfortunate incident happens.
Take note: Call 09156987421 or 2952034 if interested to know more about the incident.
My next column will deal on the house blessing and almost two-week night and day escapade with Fil-Am daughter Tala, Nathan and Jin Lorenz. I’m tired!

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