TIMESMAN| A job well done

TRANSFERRING to a new home after more than three decades in the old place is exciting especially because the new place is considered a posh subdivision.

When I recommended to my daughter Tala, who is working abroad and a naturalized American, to invest her hard-earned money in real estate in the country for her retirement, she agreed without hesitation. She, however, suggested that when the house is constructed, she wanted that everything from furniture to appliances must be brand new. All the four rooms must be air-conditioned, including the ground floor. Parang sinehan sa lamig.

I followed some of her suggestions.

After the house was built, Jin Lorenz and I then moved there, although we still do not have a help to assist us as I am used not having one after the death of my wife Virgie three years ago. Also, having no kasambahay is good for the health as doing all the household chores is also part of my exercise regimen every day, hindi ba? And another thing, baka matukso na naman tayo kapag may babaeng kasama!

While everything in the house is brand new as what my daughter wanted it to be, I decided to bring with me some furniture and appliances from the old house for sentimental value, such as sala set, the glass dining table, part of our wedding gifts when Virgie and I got married 49 years ago, among others.

We’re still waiting for balikbayan boxes my daughter sent from abroad to arrive which according to her consisted of ukay-ukay that the family of her billionaire Boss gave her.

Tala leaves everything to us on how to make use of the American hand-me-downs in placing them side-by-side with the local brands. And for sure, this is where I can use my hidden artistic talent by using American furnishing with my creative touch.


Since day one of our transfer to this northern side of the city, I have kept myself busy by doing some landscaping of the façade of the house. Our location is right after the entrance gate of the village.

For this, I assured my daughter that I will make the job too pleasing to the passersby, like a display product to mall customers, without changing the whole original scheme of the developer on the frontage of the lot. Nakakapagod, but I am enjoying the challenge.

Our effort of making the whole place attractive so far has already solicited “wow” reactions from some of Jin Lorenz’s former Ateneo junior high school teachers and classmates who visited us yesterday upon seeing the place while taking a dip at the swimming pool of the club house. Nakakataba ng puso. Salamat.

Jin Lorenz will stay here for good and for sure until he finishes his college, obtain a stable job and have his own family. I will not include myself anymore. At my age, hindi na ako kasali.

Tala is only 42, no family of her own, and no intention of retiring soon. Maybe 20 or 30 years from now before she thinks of retirement. And that leaves Jin Lorenz the lone occupant of the place when I am already gone. Yes, another accomplishment I will leave as legacy to my children.

I must congratulate myself again for a job well done for my family. Hindi po ito pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko. It’s a reality and I worked for it with the whole support of my daughter abroad.


I still don’t have telephone connection and Internet in the house, 18 days after I filed my request with the PLDT for the transfer of my line. No cable to see my favorite daily program Ang Probinsiyanoof ABS-CBN, yet, both giant communication companies continue to send me bills for services no longer rendered.

Yan ang sinasabi ko na mabilis pa sila sa presidential chopper ni President Duterte as far as collection is concerned.

Until here, and continue enjoying your summer vacation!

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