TIMESMAN| 2016 was good to me

THANK YOU 2016! Hello to 2017! Despite the loss of another brother, fading eye sight and ups and downs that are usually encountered by people of my age, 2016 was not bad at all to me and my children. The passing year gave me my many wishes that some people failed to achieve especially to one who is already on his or her twilight years. There were more ups than downs that came to me this year.

It was on January 17 when I successfully celebrated my Diamond Year in a local hotel attended by my children from abroad, friends, relatives, and other people whom I missed for years but responded to my invitation.

A brand new car replaced the old but reliable Toyota Corolla XE that I drove for two decades yet still in running condition and now being enjoyed by its new owner.

It was also during the first quarter of 2016 when I was able to secure a housing loan from a banking institution using the name of my daughter working abroad. With only a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) at hand as collateral and good credit standing, I was able to get the bank approval. It really pays to be honest all your life.

The new house, my daughter’s hard earned investment in an exclusive residential subdivision north of the city, is now ready for occupancy and hopefully in a few more days Jin Lorenz and I will be moving in. I hired an experienced furniture shop men to restore the old sets of collections much older than me to adorn the living room of the new house.

Jin Lorenz will be graduating from Junior High School (Fourth Year) with honors at the Ateneo de Davao University this March. He is also the team captain of the Blue Knights Lawn Tennis that was declared champion during the Davao Catholic Schools annual inter tournament . The past 16 years I devoted my time taking care of him ay hindi nasayang.

I am still submitting column to the TIMES, although no longer on regular basis because of eye problems. And I may continue writing in 2017 depending on the result of my doctor’s treatment of my cataract that badly affected my vision.

I am still in good health and except for daily maintenance to control hypertension and blood sugar, I feel as if I am only in my 50s. Again, thank you, 2016 for the many blessings and accomplishments I fulfilled before the year ended.

This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar. I am not a believer of what Confucious says as I believe that one’s success depends on how you captained your ship.

Happy New Year to all my readers! As the season song goes:”May your days be merry and bright; and may all your Christmases be white.”


Last week, children of the homeowners of Dona Luisa Village were treated to a sumptuous meal by President Duterte’s partner, Honeylet. Two days later, the President who is a known resident of the place, also tendered an evening salu-salo to the neighborhood and senior citizens.

Tuesday night, President Duterte distributed P5.642 million in cash gifts to some 182 barangay captains in Davao City during a traditional gift-giving activity held at the Davao City Recreational Center (formerly Almendras Gym). City councilors also received P3,000 each cash gifts.

Before this, the President also visited the young cancer patients at the Southern Philippine Medical Center in Bajada, a tradition he never misses doing which started when he was still the mayor of the city.

Few days ago, Military and police personnel all over the country were visited by the President who gave them season’s cheers.

Cabinet men and Malacanang staff were also recipients of the President generosity.

Wow! Sana, araw-araw ay Pasko para wala nang nagugutom na tao.

And at the end of 2016, this is my final say to all: Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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