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AS MENTIONED in my previous column, JJ, the eldest child of my son Jojo is arriving on Nov. 2 from the United States and will be staying with me and Jin Lorenz in the house for good.

JJ, who was brought by her mom to the US when she was young after her parents got separated, is 21 and plans to enroll at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Mindanao this second semester.

Jojo noted JJ’s talents in arts and music that’s why we encouraged her to enroll in that course. Sa papa nagmana ang hilig sa painting. Siyempre sa lolo naman sa musika!

We expect JJ will join us in the house three days from now, but I never thought that another one came ahead of JJ. In fact, Ace has already been living with us since Oct. 20 yet. And that makes us three already in the household. Four when JJ arrives this week.

And since the house has four rooms, each with CR and individual air-conditioned units, we find no difficulty in accommodating JJ and Ace for as long as they want to live with us.

My only concern is in the kitchen. Since the time we transferred to this new address, Jin Lorenz and I eat our daily meals mostly in malls’ restaurants. Although the house appliances are almost complete, the only one lacking is those used for cooking.

I intentionally didn’t bring a cooking unit in the house for practical reasons. We are only two. But we have cold and hot water dispenser for our morning coffee and milk, and a microwave for left-over food stored in the refrigerator the night before.

And with the coming of two more members in the households, I already ordered an electric oven for cooking as I believe that taking our daily meals in restaurants and other eateries as we used to do is no longer practical as it is very expensive.

By the way, Ace is a four-month-old pure white and blue-eyed Husky dog, an Eskimo dog that originated from an icy country like Alaska. He is friendly and intelligent canine.

Unfortunately, the hot weather in the city has already affected Ace’s health condition. Five days after his arrival, he already suffered a loss of appetite and is no longer in his usual happy mood.

We brought him to a veterinarian and until today, he is still under medication. Hopefully, Ace will recover.

While the Philippines is a tropical country where ice can only be found in the refrigerator, magtiis muna sa ice cube ang bagong miyembro ng pamilya. Aw, aw!


Nathan Hilgendorf, who attended my diamond year celebration last year together with my daughter Tala who is based in Chicago, will again return to the city next year.

Nathan is celebrating his birthday today, Oct. 29 (American time). He is a quality engineer in Moog, Inc. that manufactures Moog Sensor and Security Systems (Moog S3) and has a branch in Baguio City in Luzon.

In a message, he said he doesn’t want Manila as he noted its being overpopulated “with too many crooked people” and things are much expensive.

In his first visit to Davao, the connecting flight from the US was in Manila. This time he prefers to go through Cebu in going to Davao City as he observed that the city is “less crowded and clean.” Happy birthday!


As usual, we will visit our beloved departed wife, Virgie at the Davao Memorial Park today instead of on Nov. 1. We can no longer do the usual visit on the actual date as the monstrous traffic and crowded cemeteries already affect my health and movement.

And on the same day, a visit to the plot of my younger brother, Remegio at the Manila Memorial Park at Magtuod is also scheduled in my itinerary.

To my friends and other relatives who also have their dearly departed who we used to visit then, pasensiya na lang, talagang pagod na ako.

Happy Halloween!

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