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UNLESS some of my readers may forget what month, date and year today is, this day has full of “7s” – 07-17-17, my lucky number.

I was born on the 17th of January and important events at the beginning of my life were full of hardships and challenges. But at the end of my long journey mired in poverty, I was able to survive. Now, I am looking forward to the day that my children will not pass the same roads I have traversed just to reach where I am now.

For sure they will reach their respective goals in life – happy and contented – for   I’ve already prepared them to succeed.

While many of us have their own lucky numbers and different belief in life, as for me, this day is worth remembering and something for a celebration. Cheers!


Martial Law in Mindanao as declared by President Duterte on May 23 will expire on July 22, five days from today, and unless the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) as implementor will not endorse for its extension, then it will end on that date.

Davao City, which is covered by the suspension of habeas corpus, has never been felt the effects of the emergency order since we still live in an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence as business and development continue to enjoy by the city.

Except for some skirmishes between the AFP and rebels, mostly occurring in rural areas, as well as petty crimes, the protests and implementation of the Anti-Distractive Driving Act on motorists, to me there’s no need to extend Martial Law.

In Marawi City, which is the reason why President Duterte exercises this emergency power in Mindanao as a result of the militants’ siege, the extraordinary power should continue. As the terrorists have shown, they are far more resourceful and well-prepared as they managed to drag this battle this long.

The government even admitted that it underestimated the strength of the enemy, a direct admission of the failure of our intelligence network.

Martial Law should be continued in Marawi despite the President’s declaration that the siege of Marawi will end before his second Sona (state of the nation address) on July 27.

Then the process of rehabilitation can start and we can give the residents back their lives after severely interrupted by the siege. But we have to make sure the city and the surrounding areas are already secure to prevent a repeat of the incident.

But I highly recommended to President Duterte to stop Martial Law for the rest of Mindanao like Davao City to show confidence that the government is really in control of the situation.

Some government officials who are thinking of prolonging Martial Law after its expiration on July 22, and even recommending its implementation throughout the country for five years may have an agenda for themselves. Hopefully, this will not escape the notice of the public.


That newly opened bar operating without business permit and caught allowing minors to enter the establishment and selling liquors to them should not be allowed to reopen after City Hall ordered its closure.

City Hall cannot guarantee that the owner will not repeat the same offense as it is clear beforehand that it’s not in their vocabulary to secure the necessary documents to operate, along with the fact that they sell liquors to minors. It is also very clear that they intentionally violated the law and disregarded the welfare of the youth.

Take this. A bar allowing minors as customers! Profit lang ang Diyos nila at hindi ang kaligtasan ng mga bata. Pwe!


Our heartfelt condolence to the family of the late Atty. Gilbert de Guia Abellera who died at the age of 74 last Wednesday and will be buried tomorrow (July 18) at the Davao Memorial Park.

While I am more known to his mother Violeta (my teacher), sisters: Evelyn, Edna,  Erlinda, and brother, former councilor Nilo, as I am also a Rizalian of the Rizal Memorial Colleges (RMC), the school founded by the late Justice Leopoldo Abellera, admittedly, I am not that close to the late Gilbert.

Nakikiramay po ako muli sa lahat ng naulila!

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