Thousands join protest rally

MORE than a thousand protesters yesterday marched in the streets of the city in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the Martial Law declaration by the late president Ferdinand Marcos.

 Protesters from various groups coming from different areas in the region demanded for the lifting of Matial Law imposed by the current administration in Mindanao as they marched from Bonifacio Rotonda at the corner of A. Pichon Street and C.M. Recto Street to Freedom Park at the corner of Roxas Avenue and C.M. Recto Street.

 Mags Maglana, convenor of the Konsensya Davao, said the rally is “an important indication that the people, particularly here in Davao, did not forget the mischiefs that happened during the time of Marcos.”

 “And we never need Martial Law under the time of President Duterte,” Maglana said.

 She said the protesting groups are primarily appealing to President Duterte to lift Martial Law in Mindanao as it doesn’t solve the problem in Mindanao but instead create more problems.

 Further, there is no such need to declare Martial Law in the entire country. “Never again to nationwide martial law,” Maglana said.

 She added that the recent unsolved cases of killings in the country prove that there is a weak government.

 “If the government is strong, it can easily arrest those responsible in the killings,” Maglana said, noting that the government is not actually in control of the situation.

 Meanwhile, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) Secretary General Jerry Alborme said Duterte’s Martial Law is just the same as the old Martial Law due to the unsolved killings.

 “The Extra Judicial Killing should be stopped. There should be due process. No one should be judged without due process,” Alborme said.

 Alborme said the country should instead improve the economy of the island without imposing Martial Law.

 “Martial Law is not the solution. Land reform and social services are needed,” he said.

 The Davao City Police Office (DCPO) was in full alert yesterday to ensure the safety and security of the protesters.

 Roads leading to City Hall were all blocked, purportedly to secure the area.

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