The gems of the city

BEYOND the beauty title, the winner of this year’s Hiyas sa Kadayawan represents the pride of the Ata tribe.

“I will do my best to keep our indigenous peoples part of the positive changes going on in the city,” Floramea D. Manyawron told the reporters after she was crowned as the winner on Friday at Davao City Recreation Center.

Manyawron, who is very much immersed in the Ata culture, vows to help in strengthening appreciation of their culture and traditions so that these can be passed on to the next generation. She admits this prospect is challenging.

One of her advocacies is the market access especially in the barangays of Paquibato District as she wanted to push for progress and help farmers have easy links to the markets.

Manyawron was crowned by last year’s Hiyas sa Kadayawan Susan Batawan, also from the Ata tribe.

The City Tourism Operations Office described in its website that Hiyas sa Kadayawan is “a contest to find the festival gem of Davao” that are “participated in by the members of the 11 indingenous tribes of the city.”

During the contest, Manyawron also received awards as Ms. Photogenic and Hiyas ng RMN. The Smart Texter’s Choice was Aj Ruth H. Sumandang of Ovu Manobo tribe, who was then named as Hiyas sa Kalambuan (Gem of Progress), the contest’s first runner-up.

The second runner-up was Michelle G. Ansal of Bagobo-Klata tribe, whose title was Hiyas sa Panaghiusa (Gem of Solidarity).

The annual search of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan gives importance to boosting the culture of the tribes based in the city such as Sama, Bagobo-Klata, Bagobo-Tagabawa, Matigsalog, Ata, Iranun, Maguindanaon, Tausug, Maranao, Kagan and Ovu-Manobo.

Councilor Al Ryan S. Alejandre, chair of the committee on tourism, said Manyawron deserved to be a winner as she represented the Ata tribe well. As the tribe has been producing winners, he said it would be a “big challenge” for other tribes.

“This is also a time for them to pass on their culture to younger generation,” Alejandre said.

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