The body is your resonance

Araceli Limcaco Dans’ Art Talk

 THE AFTERNOON of September 23, 2017 was a momentous occasion for emerging, likewise established, artists and art lovers of Davao city. It was a nostalgic affair through the eyes of a National Artist nominee Araceli Limcaco Dans, who practiced and taught art for decades. Moreover, it was an inspiring encounter especially for the Davao artists, as the group witnessed the relevance of art as one of the many reasons to celebrate the beauty of life.

ARACELLI Limcaco Dans

ARACELI Limcaco Dans

 Along the span of her art talk, Cheloy (as she is fondly called by her friends) maintains, in her soft encouraging voice while looking at the eyes of the artists and the rest of the audience in the function hall, “the body is your resonance.” That the body is either signified as the person within the artist or the oeuvre (artwork), a discourse that manifests mutual understanding either on commonality or differences in life’s perspectives. Either of the two or both, trust and agreement is to be resonated. Indeed a relevant inspiration in the current artistic aspirations of Davao.

 And through her wisdom and lifelong artistic experience, the audience will certainly keep the experience and endeavor to share it with Davao and the rest of the world.

DANS with daughter Marcy Dans Lee, Kublai Millan and Stella Estremera

DANS with daughter Marcy Dans Lee, Kublai Millan and Stella Estremera

 Aracelli’s September 23 art talk at Marco Polo hotel was earnestly arranged by Kublai Millan and Jun Te as well as supported by her family through Marcy Dans-Lee, Stella Estremera, Amy Cabusao, Maan Chua, Maree Contaio-Cayas, the UM Fine Arts and the Tabula Rasa. Additional photos by Kublai Millan.

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