Tech firm to enter Saudi market: exec

HOMEGROWN company RAD Green Solutions will penetrate the Saudi Arabian market for itspyroclave technology in treating wastes.

 The new market is the first international venture of the company, said Roderick S. Dayot, vice president for engineering of RAD Green Solutions, said yesterday in the weekly Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao-Annex.

 Dayot said the new market is its partnership with Kawn Environmental Services, a company based in Saudi Arabia. “Through Kawn, our services can be accessed by clinics and hospitals. We will first begin in two regions such as Jeddah and Dammam,” Dayot said, citing the market potential is huge as Jeddah, for instance, accumulates 40 tons of medical wastes a day.

 The Saudi Arabia-based company, he said, is the exclusive distributor of their pyroclave technology, which will be sold soon.

 Last year, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health and Environmental Protection Administration visited the 3,000 kilo-capacity facility of RAD in the city to check and approve the pyroclave unit.

 In RAD’s website, it said: “Pyroclave utilizes the process of pyrolysis, which we believe is the most effective process and economical yet with a premium cost.” It is a medical waste solution, which is unique compared to other technologies such as autoclaves and incinerators.

 “This will be the first pyroclave in Saudi, which intends to replace autoclave in treating medical wastes. The Middle East market is baring interest on pyroclave as it does not need water unlike autoclave that requires a lot of water to treat the wastes,” Dayot said.

 The autoclave, he said, requires two kilos of water to treat one medical waste.

 Apart from forging partnership with Kawn, a company from United Kingdom has bared interest to obtain the pyroclave technology, which could help reduce their operational cost as water would not be the main requirement.

 RAD Green Solutions started in 2012 after their technology won in the ON3 Pitching Competition in Manila. It was also given an opportunity to become as exhibitor in the Plug ‘n Play Expo in Silicon Valley, California, USA in 2012.

 The firm’s recent award was its second place in the invention category of the 2016 Department of Science and Technology National Invention Contest and Exhibit in Manila.

 In the country, it has operations in the cities of Davao, Koronadal and Valenzuela. The firm has 146 clients, composed of hospitals, clinics and dialysis centers, in Davao City since the company started in 2012.

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