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The head of the committee, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, was quoted as saying that the Senate will pass the proposal before the end of the first quarter. In a report two days earlier, Zubiri was also quoted as claiming that the proposal from the Senate will contain a component that will provide the people of the area with autonomy over its natural resources.
These statements may appease the groups that have been waging revolution against the injustices on the people of Mindanao which also include the settlers and the indigenous communities. But as they usually say, β€œthe proof of the pudding is in the eating.”
One must remember that laws are always the work of politicians and that, in Philippine setting, many of these people who can dip their hands on the proposals have interests of their own.
In the past, when members of Congress were still debating proposed laws, some of them tried, and most often than not were successful, in inserting their interest using good intention as pretext.
One good example that comes to mind is the law that allows the election of party-list groups that are supposed to represent the marginalized sector. However, since the implementation of the law, interest groups – not groups representing the truly marginalized sector – have used the law to make sure that their people get elected.
In this new proposal, Zubiri and those who want to use this instrument to ensure that the peace agreement between the government and the Moro revolutionary groups become the real instrument for peace and development in Mindanao must ensure that ulterior motives will not get included in the final piece of legislation.
Although this is easier said than done, doing away with ulterior motives, especially in this proposal, will ensure that a portion of the genuine solution to the Mindanao problem is to be implemented. Otherwise, the end of the tunnel will still be very far.


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