VISIT Davao Fun Sale (VDFS) is a big highlight of Davao tourism industry for five years hence. Every year, the activity had been unique and marked tremendous impact in tourism, sports, summer sales and Davao culture and Arts. It was last year, 2016 that different artists had a big participation in this activity. Because of this, the art works of different artists, from hobbyists, students and professional artists were merged in exhibits in different malls and hotels within Davao City. The experience was exciting and brought camaraderie among artists and the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

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                Visit Davao Fun Sale 2017 would make another chapter in the lives and experiences of the local artists. One to highlight the event is the merging of art works of two sister cities in

the Philippines. Come May of this year, some of the cream of the crop artists from Cordillera will join the Davao artists to grace the event. Two cities that are culturally rich will exchange and showcase their own arts to promote friendship and oneness in their endeavor in our midst. This is just the beginning, as artists from Davao will also visit Baguio City on September of this year for the same purpose.

 This program is designed to promote our very own art and culture starting from us to other parts of the country and the world.

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