Tabula Rasa: More art after Kadayawan

Art is everywhere in Davao and the momentum is continually picking up as more art events are lined up in September. We’ve passed the Kadayawan fever but it seems that we are not running out of energy for coming art events still. This is indeed a great time for artists in Davao.

Our city is fast developing. Buildings and infra-structure are sprouting here and there. Traffic jam is everywhere in many parts of the city and it is so easy to get lost in all the various changes and developments. Hopefully, the art and culture would continue to thrive and not to be overtaken and lose its presence in our society.

Thanks to the artists, sponsors, private sector and the local government for giving support to the art scene. We are given more attention and opportunities to showcase our works and introduce our growing number of active artists from elementary graders to professionals. This is the same appreciation we give to the good company of SM for holding art events. This year’s SM Art for Everyone, a good number of Davao artists from elementary, high school, college, professionals and hobbyists and even from a group of specially abled artists exhibtied their works at the SM City Art for Everyone art exhibit at the Annex building, SM City Davao in Ecoland, Davao City.

The showcase of varied works created an art market feel in a mall setting. As we analize the works, we can say that Davao artists are growing in their crafts and the choice of their subject matter. Art styles from classical to contemporary are expressed in many of the pieces displayed at the exhibition.

The event was led by SM City with Davao artist Rodney Yap and team. Congratulations for a job well done. You have inspired many artists and lifted them to a higher level. At Tabula Rasa, we believe that is the way to achieve a strong art scene, the encouragement of fellow artists and giving of opportunities for exposure.

SM can do more for the Davao art scene by alloting a space for a monthly art exhibition space if we are not asking too much. We believe that Davao artists are now ready to build their body of works of art to fill up such a schedule. This will be a great contribution not only to the artists but to the tourism of the city as well. Let us be reminded that first world countries invest in the arts because it boosts tourism and enlivens their culture and community.

The opening of the SM Art for Everyone at SM City Davao.

The opening of the SM Art for Everyone at SM City Davao.

Art is life. It gives excitement and pleasure to all. It records history and builds the emotional, intellectual and creative landscape of society. Davao will grow into a strong city economically and artistically. But this has to be well planned so that we can be united in one goal and direction.

Again congratulations to SM City and our fellow artists who have displayed their special art pieces. We are proud of you. Let us continue to support the Davao art scene.

By Tabula Rasa

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