TABULA RASA| LIFE IS HERE! – Bai Manginsay July 25,1961- January 03, 2016 Celebrating The Life of the Wonderboy of Advertising

Messages from co-Tabula Rasa artists:


We artists should remember Bai’s legacy: The roadmap to a thriving art environment in Davao City. It was through his vision, initiative and ideas that the Tabula Rasa Art Group advocated the series of art exhibits here. It’s sad that he did not see the art exhibits in 19 venues (14 malls, 5 hotels) during the ” Visit Davao Fun Sale” in April-May 2016.

Tabula Rasa will continue this in 2017.

- Dinky Munda


Bai Manginsay has done a lot of art works in his lifetime. One of his paintings that I like is the “Marilyn Monroe”. His bold strokes of multiple contrasting colors denote creative expression that brought life to the painting. Just like his life, Bai has made a lot of bold strokes that brought inspiration to many people. Bai was an artist with a vision. He was really very passionate about creating a “Mindanao art road map”. He believed that Mindanao has a lot of gifted artists that need opportunities where their arts can be seen and appreciated beyond local exposure. He envisioned Davao City as a blank slate, a tabula rasa (in Latin), where it awaits local artists to design and create bold strokes of colors that will bring life and improve the quality-of-life perspective among its residents, and eventually will put Davao City on the map. His sowing of the first seed of faith paved way to the creation of Tabula Rasa in Davao City. Bai Manginsay has not only left us with his beautiful work of arts, but also a legacy and a road map that will inspire fellow artists to go beyond their walls and explore greater heights and possibilities for the arts.

We are blessed to have his dream come true through us.

- Brando Cedeño


Bai once said that an artist is only good as his last work. He left an impressive stream of international and local awards in advertising, a growing painting career in Manila and a flourishing creatives services in Davao City- leaving behind branding projects that are still in use today like the Phoenix- Fuels Life and Davao City- Life Is Here branding campaign. For the Davao art industry, a road map that will put Davao City on the world map. Davao art is still in the works and more and more artists are joining in this campaign. ‘Bai, you were not there anymore when we had the biggest Mindanao art exhibition during the VDFS 2016. But you were present and will always be in the coming art exhibitions through the art pieces you left behind.’

Bai Manginsay, your last work, the Davao Art Road Map is just taking off.


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