THE art community has always been dominated by the senior and popular artists. The trend came to be because of art patrons and some galleries endorsing ” Big Names” of their choice in the art industry and even endorsing which paintings to buy for the empty walls of clients. One reason why some artists became “brands” can be because of the continuous demand of their artworks in the market, a result of word of mouth marketing that can be like a wild fire in the forest. That is great for them because they are both good in their talents as well as pushing their products in the market. But sad to a budding artist who may have the talent but could hardly be noticed because of the flooding publicity in favor of the popular one. To get to the next level of recognition is indeed hardwork and just have to wait for his time to be at par to the level of the ones who are being sought after.

Budding artists are young, energetic, creative and eager to learn from those ahead of them. They try to seek guidance from the generous senior, talented and unselfish artists who have learned and understand the malady of a thriving one yet have never given up for the love of art. Some of the seniors have learned to love the art industry itself and embraced even the young ones desiring to push everyone up, from the budding ones to the quality of art and the industry itself. That is art discipleship!

All of them have one dream, that one day, the young ones would enjoy the fruit of their labor, be known while they are still alive, not to be recognized when they have gone down to the grave. A simple dream that seeks fulfillment as all artists dream as one.


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