TABULA RASA| Filling out the ‘blank slate’ with one vision

HE “BLANK SLATE” (Concept Statement) All Art pieces start with a “Blank Slate” before becoming works of art. The unseen elements being poured onto its surface are tons of creative juices and truckloads of frustrations that are, by popular belief, considered as the “Key Ingredients” in making art pieces more precious than Gold. Other valuable factors such as time and opinions from the viewers or from the creator of the art, will also add new dimension to its aesthetic value. A blank slate with a high price tag is most often molded by multifarious ideas of esoteric and frivolous visions interpreted in different strokes. These will also help create a visual gymnastics of twisted truthfulness or a representation of the untouched reality of timae that most often give the “Blank Slate” a soul with gargantuan amount. In compassing, Art will only be born after painful process, overdue conception and hard labor reflected on a “TABULA RASA.”



TABULA RASA is a group of senior artists coming from different fields in the business sector from education, advertising, graphic design, photography, art production, business management, furniture design, branding, product design and development and others with one vision. They gather together to create a small art community to help develop and enhance the potential talent of the young artists in Davao through occasional art events, workshops and demos. Art education will be part of the creative menu being offered to the art community by the group.

TABULA RASA ART WORKSHOP gives the participants the opportunity to unravel their hidden artistic capabilities and explore more through different techniques and proper guidance from the professional artists. It also tackles some topics that would help broaden the creative horizon of the participants. Moreover, the events, workshops will also showcase the “step-by-step” method from preparation to finished execution. Tabula Rasa is a fun way to learn art.

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