THE UNIVERSITY of Mindanao is always steadfast on the implementation of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) on its tertiary learning. This educational platform of the university cascades on the various programs it offers. Hence, the Fine Arts program of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education earnestly implements the said educational approach with a goal in mind that it is for the advantage of its art students and eventually the local art industry.

            Part of the implementation of OBE is to hold an annual conversation and discussion between the stakeholders of art – in this case, the art program particularly the painting discipline. This annual event is a discipline based conversation between the academe, the government and the industry. And in the University of Mindanao – this conversation is known in Visayan tongue as Panag-Ambit (collaboration).


            This year’s Panag-Ambit of the Fine Arts program is themed as – Is Art Organization A Requisite in the Contemporary Art Practice, a timely theme for everybody to converge; the art educators, the industry players and the art students, and rationalize matters that will possibly aid development of the local artistic practice and its collaborative aspects. The occasion presented diverse perspectives, however everybody agrees that there is a call to work collaboratively and appreciate better the significance of art in a community like the city of Davao.

            The Panag-Ambit conversations were held on February 24, 2016 at AVR 1, GET Building, the University of Mindanao, Matina Campus. The talk was participated by speakers in the persons of Kublai Millan, Dadai Joaquin, Daryl Descallar, Rob Tanedo, Angely Chi and Omar Casan with the presence of the panel of reactors Bong Perez of U.P. Mindanao, Maree Contaio-Cayas representing NCCA and Dinky Munda; and hosted by the College of Architecture and Fine Arts Education, headed by Arch. Iluminado Quinto, Jr. (Dean), organized by Rogelito D. Cayas, Jr. (Program Head), and assisted by Victor Dumaguing, Alynnah Macla and Dominador Pamisa, Jr. (Art Instructors), with Xenia host Arch. Kathy Diaz.

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