ART EXHIBIT are interesting  events to one who is an outsider and willing to take the risk of putting into words from her own perspective and experiences all that she observes like this writer. I have attended various exhibits either my husband who joins them being an artist himself or visiting from simple displays to sophisticated ones in 5- star hotel lobbies, malls or art museums.

            Before that, my first encounter was my husband’s appointment with Dutch clients he invited over at home to view a commissioned 5 feet by 15 feet mural painting for their company. The  preparation for the visit was tedious with my matching panic and anxiety. Well, I speak for myself, as I observed that my husband was more objective and willing to take comments for the sake of improving his art rather than taking the critics’s side personally, brave heart, I say. Polite greetings were done before the viewing, and everybody else’s hands were cold, not sure where all those were coming from. Then the viewing! The guests moved from one side to the other, each one busy in his or her own thoughts. No one spoke for fifteen minutes and for me were the longest 15 minutes ever. My knuckles so white, gripping the side of a table, yet maintaining the plastered smile on my face,  learning to understand now the malady of a heart attack!

            This writer once emceed the ” TRANSITION” solo exhibit of the late Bai Manginsay at the Abreeza Ayala Mall early of 2015. The attendees were dependent on how I would carry on the program, just waiting, expecting for the turnout of the event depending on how I would orient them as all eyes were on me! The exhibitor, Bai Manginsay willingly handed and turned over the responsibility and flow of the event to me and blended to be one of the spectators himself! The Ribbon cutters, one of them the former Davao City mayor Sarah Duterte’s eyes waited for my cue including others like the known Lizada clan of Davao City. All by the grace of God that I pulled through! Saying this without grudge but noted it as “an  experience of a lifetime!”

            Upon this writer’s observations, art exhibits can turn out to be successful and with impeccable flow. Cocktails maybe served elegantly as guests freely move from one display to the other.  The exhibitors can mingle among the crowds easily. A well prepared display, properly labeled could help a lot to identify paintings or any art works. On the other hand, some can havoc panic and turn audience and exhibitors into nervous wrecks. This happens when displays have not been put up on time, foods are not prepared  well and on time, art works are not properly labeled and   panicking exhibitor, curator and emcee.

            But art exhibits are meant to be proudly displayed by talented artists. Whether the guests be welcomed by the artists, curator or the emcee in tuxedo or slacks or black turtlenecks,  that every display is special and should be properly honored by a viewer and meant to be enjoyed. To all artists and viewers, just a piece of advise, before going to the exhibit, take a deep breath, smile and be determined to enjoy.

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