Suspended operation

But DCPO still to receive info vs drug players
THE POLICE antidrug operations have been suspended, but the city director said they can’t prevent the public from reporting to them continued illegal drug trade.

Following directives from higher officials, Davao City Police Office director Sr. Supt. Michael John Dubria said he is suspending the conduct of buy-bust operations and the serving of search warrant in illegal drugs cases.

“Our (antidrugs) operations might be frozen but the information coming from the civilians and informants will continue because we could not prevent the people from reporting,” Dubria said.

If the information is confirmed, then the operatives can still arrest the drug dealer while in the act of distributing drugs, Dubria said.

The police hierarchy has temporarily suspended the intensified illegal drugs campaign, as it will focus on the internal cleansing of the rank following orders from President Rodrigo Duterte after some police officers are tagged in some illegal activities, including drug trade.

Dubria told TIMES that the order was relayed to him by Chief Supt. Manuel Gaerlan, the police regional director.

Cleansing the bureaucracy is needed, Dubria said, to flush out the scalawags in the organization.

“Police officers should have moral ascendancy,” Dubria said.

The DCPO chief said he has already directed the 12 precinct commanders to submit a list of policemen who are involved in irregularities and other illegal and unlawful activities.

Those in the list, Dubria said, will be placed under investigation.

He said policemen under his command were negative in drug test and they are “mababait naman” (judicious).

But Dubria is not discounting the possibility that there may be some who are involved in illegal activities, as there are always misfits and scalawags in every organization.

“We will focus on disciplining these people,” he further said.

If a police officer will be tagged in irregularities, an investigation will be conducted and necessary penalty will be imposed if found guilty.

“If the punishment is within my authority, I will impose it,” Dubria said. “But if the penalty required a punishment beyond my authority, then they will be forwarded to the Regional Office.”

He called his subordinates to do their job according to what is expected from them.

“To those who have illegal activities, I am sorry,” Dubria said.