Suspect in hacking goat buyer charged

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has indicted man for hacking another who wanted to buy his goat in Barangay Panandaitan in Paquibato District on July 24.

Prosecutor Sharuddin Roberto O Sencio Jr. charged Ruel Francisco for frustrated murder. The case stemmed from the complaint filed by Rebecca Sumaria, sister of the victim, Melchor Pagcas.

Witness Elmer Casium, in his affidavit, said that he and Pagcas went to the house of the respondent to buy a goat. While negotiating for the purchase of the goat, the respondent who was armed with bolo hacked Pagcas without apparent reason.

Casium added that Francisco also tried to hack him but was prevented by his father.

After the attack, the victim was rushed to Davao Regional Medical Center in Tagum City but was transferred to Southern Philippines Medical Center. Franciso, meanwhile, was arrested and endorsed to Paquibato Police Precinct.

During the inquest proceeding, the respondent opted not to avail his right to preliminary investigation and face the charge in court.

In finding probable cause, investigating prosecutor Irene Joy Tala-Montero said that intent to kill is present in the commission of the crime because “the following circumstances are present in this case: first, the weapon used is a ‘bolo’ which is a bladed and deadly weapon. Second, the respondent aimed the said weapon towards the head of the victim which is vital part of the body.”

Montero added that qualifying circumstance of treachery is present considering that the attack was done in a swift and unexpected manner while the victim was not in a position to defend himself.

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