Surigao City A corner of the sky

IT’S CALLED Mt. Baragabon. It’s not much of a mountain but more of a hill tucked “secretly” behind a hotel and perhaps rightly so, it should perfectly remain a secret.

It’s unfortunate though if only a few experience it, but one must be at least physically fit to climb a cliff a hundred and more footsteps.

“It reminds me of a hill by the sea in Penang,Malaysia but this one is a lot tamer,” says John Love, an athletic 68 year old Australian from Melbourne.

Photos by Glenne Lapura


The trees play hide and seek at the deep blue sea below as one catches his breath and takes shelter at the small rest station. A bird’s eye view of Barangay Mabua, the village famous for its pebbles along the shore, glistens at the noonday sun.

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“It would be nice to  put up a zipline from here to there.” Points a young man oggling the view. “I’ll rather fly with my wings than have that,” says the lady with him.

The descent is dramatic as it gently winds down where the wind blows steadily. Below and between the blue sea and shoreline, a boulder potrudes like the back of a dinosaur. “Can’t wait to ride its back,” yelled John.

Reaching the shore, thatch cottages welcomed us amidst black pebbles. The place is undeniably rustic, only cogon grass populate it.

There is,interestingly, an added attraction: Camiguin Island hovers in the far distance of the eastern side of Butuan Bay.

Now that perhaps the secret is out,it’s good enough that it takes an effort to go there.For who needs a disturbed and commercialized destination?