Sudagar wants Halal kitchen built for Halal restaurants

A City Councilor is proposing an ordinance that mandates the construction of a Halal kitchen for establishments claiming to serve Halal products.

Councilor Bai Halila Sudagar, chair on the committee on cultural communities and Muslim affairs, said that “there is a need to allocate a space for Halal kitchen space in order to provide confidence and assurance among the Muslim community that upon eating in establishments claiming halal services, the latter genuinely serve Halal products in conform in conformity with Islamic laws.”

Sudagar also cited that Sec. 2 of the Republic Act 9997 states, “it is henceforth the policy of the State to ensure the rights and well being of Muslim Filipinos with due regard to their beliefs, customs, traditions and institutions, as well as to further ensure their contribution to national goals and aspiration and to make them active participants in nation-building.”

She added that the “consumption of Halal products is not only for the benefit of the Muslimsbut to all persons, Muslim or non-Muslim alike, because the purpose of promoting Halal industry is to provide clean and pure food products, free from any adulteration or contamination.”

Based on draft of the ordinance, the Halal space also includes the equipment, utensils, containers and any other materials, necessary for storage, preparation and up to the consumption of food and beverages.

The proposed ordinance was approved on first reading on Feb. 6 and was referred to her committee.

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