Sudagar exits council

TWO SEATS at the City Council are now vacant as sectoral representative Halila Sudagar has ended her term.

In yesterday’s regular session, Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag, whose vacated council seat is also yet to be filled up, announced that Sudagar, the indigenous peoples mandatory representative (IPMR) in the council “is no longer part of the council and the seat for the IP representative is now vacant.”

Sudagar, a Kagan representative, ended her three-year term last March 30.

Sudagar won in a six-way election in 2015 after getting 147 votes from 382 tribal leaders.

She was then the lone female candidate and also the youngest.

According to Al-ag, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) is set to select the new IPMR to the local council on April 12.

City Ordinance Number 0448-10 provides a mandatory representation to the City Council from the six major IPs in the community, provides that the IPMR should be a natural-born Filipino, registered voter of the city, bona fide IP by blood or consanguinity, acknowledged leader of the tribe, has continuously engaged in IP undertakings, able to read and write and is knowledgeable of the IP customs.

A member from the Klata tribe is set to assume next as the lumad representative, as tribes in the city rotate representation alphabetically every three years.

Sudagar’s exit added to the vacuum at the city council following the resignation of former Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte last Christmas Day.

Al-Ag, being the highest vote earner among the 24 elected councilors, assumed Duterte’s post.

With this, Al-ag’s council seat was vacated.

Mayor Sara Duterte, based on the endorsement of the ruling party, Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, has forwarded to President Rodrigo Duterte the appointment of Barangay Captain Carmelo Clarion (Mulig, Toril) to take Al-ag’s vacant seat.


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