STRIKE HOME|Orphaned too soon? May the Lord forbid  

Kiwang, my farmer-neighbor who shifts from strawberry to American tomato as his main crops in La Trinidad, sent a text message beseeching the Lord to protect President Duterte from harm.

Sapay koma ta iadayo ni Apo isuna iti peggad,” he added. “May the Lord keep him from harm’s way.”

He shared his concern after watching President Duterte last week adverting anew to attempts to silence him probably by assassination.

Like my neighbor, I am rooting for Duterte to be able to finish his six-year mandate on one hand and to be able to accomplish his campaign in eradicating drugs and booting out corruption on the other hand.

It is rare to see a President like Duterte who packs a lot of common sense, more than all his predecessors combined. That is good enough for me.

This nation voted once for a brilliant President in Ferdinand E. Marcos but it has brought us nowhere. Duterte may not be as brilliant as FM but he knows exactly what to do. The satisfactory rating that the Social Weather Station accorded him in his first 100 days is indication he is in the right direction.

Hence, I am as concerned as my neighbor on reports of covert operations to take out the President. It is a possibility.

On the other hand, let us pray that the CIA or some other covert agencies have their hands full in Syria or in Ukraine to worry about an acid-tongue president. Besides, Duterte has done nothing wrong to offend America or the United Nations. He has merely criticized their leaders for not knowing any better and therefore deserved to be kicked in the butts.

Besides, so much indeed has been accomplished in so short a span if we are to compare it to the preceding administration, without going into specifics.

The war on drugs in my opinion is a necessary blood-letting to cure this nation of a dreaded disease that may consume us all if we are content on just watching it waste us and the generations to come.

It is akin in some respects to the bloody civil war that Americans fought the 1800s in order to boot out slavery. It mirrors in part the war that Mao Tse Tong fought to unite China and to rid it of ‘imperialists.’ It is not dissimilar to the war of independence that Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap fought to liberate his country of colonials.

The wars they underwent merely served to unite them more firmly than to divide them.

Now look at these countries today. Vietnam for instance had to fight the French, then the Americans, and then the Chinese before it had to stand on its own, its bloody past now more of a fleeting memory as it goes about the task of charting its own destiny.

The war on drugs is our own civil war and the daily toll on the population is the price we have to pay. It is both brutal, bloody and widespread. It has split not only the citizenry but also our leaders whose positions and pronouncements on illegal drugs are reflected in today’s headlines.

However he says his thoughts and whoever has earned his wrath, it is not difficult to side with and to like Duterte.

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