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LAST week, the World Bank announced that the Mindanao Trust Fund (MTF), a fund set aside to help rehabilitate conflict-affected areas in the so-called Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)-influenced localities, will implement its second phase.

Chaired by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, the MTF is administered by the bank in coordination with the Bangsamoro Development Authority, the development arm of the MILF which signed a peace agreement with the government.

The MTF is a multi-donor fund whose program is designed to help conflict-affected communities improve their lives through tangible interventions like infrastructure developments as well as livelihood trainings.

Of course, interventions like this must be welcomed both by the government and the revolutionary movement as these help ease the irritants between them.

They also become instruments in ensuring that those neglected are slowly given attention so that they can start the rebuilding process not only of their livelihood, but, most importantly, of their lives.

However, both sides must not be blinded by the glitters that these noticeable supports provide, or their efforts might be sidetracked.

These are just the so-called add-ons in ensuring that the peace agreement will have strong foundation because the very work is in addressing the key elements that caused this decades-old rebellion. Both sides must continue to work to reinforce the ingredients that have concretized the details of the agreement etched in the documents that they signed.

More than anything else, it is in constant communication as well as better trust-building that relationships become better.



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