SPMC syringe-stabbing symptom of larger issue

THE STABBING incident in the emergency room of the Southern Philippines Medical Center can be attributed to the low number of personnel on duty.
Despite this, patients are reminded to keep calm even in dire situations.

City Health Office head Dr. Josephine Villafuerte lamented the incident where a frustrated father stabbed hospital staff with a syringe inside the emergency room on Tuesday.

The suspect, whose name is witheld, was arrested by the security guards of the hospital and was turned over to Buhangin police.

Police said that the suspect got angry when his 9-year-old son, a victim of a vehicular accident, was not immediately attended by the attending physician.

Villafuerte, however, assured that despite the lack of manpower, all the doctors and nurses at the government-run hospital are highly skilled.

She appealed for understanding from patients because the staff is overworked. However, the official conceded that hospital personnel might not have communicated properly to patients, which worsened the already tense situation.

Chief Insp. Alfredo Miguel, commander of Buhangin police, said a case of attempted murder was already filed against the suspect.

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