SPMC director aims to have all specialties

THE CHIEF of the Southern Philippine Medical Center said the government-run hospital experienced “fantastic” holistic growth in 2016, but it’s yet to reach its full potential.

“My vision is for SPMC to make sure that Mindanao will have all specialties,” Dr. Leopoldo Vega said, referring to the range of medical services that he hopes the hospital will offer in the future.

He mentioned that SPMC is moving away from just being a general hospital and toward being a specialty hospital because that’s what Mindanao needs.

For example, mother and child specialties are underway.

“The hurdle is putting this vision into reality,” he said.

He added that general complaints are there but the hospital receives this well and with a 95 percent customer feedback rate.

“This is not a perfect institution and nobody is perfect but what’s important is we improve,” he said.

Vega added that they align their services according to President Rodrigo Duterte’s health priority: achieving universal healthcare.

Vega rated SPMC’s performance as a public health care institution with a 6.5 of 10.

The year 2016 has been challenging for SPMC. In January last year, it was thrown in controversy after a stabbing incident involving a patient’s father and an attending nurse occurred in its emergency room.

A CCTV footage of the incident made rounds on social media. The stabbed medical personnel still reported for work the next day after sustaining minor injuries.

The motive of the father for stabbing cannot be explained by the SPMC personnel. Nurses who were at the ER were witness to immediate care given to the patient. This is the first time that this violent incident occurred in SPMC.

Executives of the hospital made it clear that patients rushed to the emergency room (ER) are given immediate care, but limitations in infrastructure make it a challenge for them to deliver optimal services.

Last December, the Departmet of Health approved to make SPMC a “mega hospital” by making it a 1,500-bed hospital and by bringing various medical professionals to cater various needs, covering sub-specializations.

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