Solidified purok

Mayor Duterte wants barangay officials to plan for extra year

Mayor Sara Duterte on Monday called on the officials of the 182 barangays to mobilize as soon as they start their terms and push for the institutionalization of the Purok System.

Speaking to around 1,500 barangay officials at the Davao City Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym), Mayor Duterte also directed each barangay council to have an immediate meeting on July 2.

The recently elected barangay official begins their term on July 1.

Duterte asked them to plan ahead for the next three to four years.

The mayor’s request to include an additional year in exist to the regular three-year term is a contingency in case there would be another delay in the barangay elections after the supposed end of their term.

According to the mayor, there is a need to plan projects ahead of the scheduled budget season for fiscal year 2019.

Duterte added that the barangays should immediately organize purok or sitio leaders in each sub-unit of the barangay.

While the sub-unit is not required under the local government code, Duterte said that the institutionalization of the purok system is necessary to bring the basic services to the residents more efficiently.

She added that the purok system could also be part of the intelligence monitoring for each of the barangays.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte said that the city as a vision of peace and progress, and a mission of sustainable development.