Sleeping With The Enemy

JUST some few days ago, the country was again shocked to learn that a police member helped rescue the few beleaguered Abu Sayyaf members trapped in Bohol after their attempt to kidnap tourists in the area. It turned out that the superintendent police lady is the lover of one of the ASG members. The police force including the head chief, Ronald Bato De La Rosa couldn’t believe that one of their members had been sleeping with the enemy. Has this happened suddenly without any warning? Can an illicit love affair just bloom without being tended? She was assigned to interview this ASG member in his cell repeatedly as part of the protocol in prison. During the first interview, I am sure, they did not talk about starting an affair.

Sleeping with the enemy, (coined from a movie ) usually begins by dropping your guard. It is at your most vulnerable situation that the enemy sees an opening opportunity. While he tries to widen the gap of enticement, the love hungry victim makes a fool of herself. This can be the other way around. The victim can be the guy who forgets his wife and children, thinking that nobody sees and will do this just once. Then, the enemy, the home wrecker establishes her or his turf and laughing the loudest.

The consequence is too high a price to pay. For Supt. Cristina Nobleza, she has betrayed her country, her people, her husband and children. For husbands and wives who stumbled over a short time temptation, the price for the betrayal of trust to a partner in life and children can be very damaging.

It is about time to learn about the devil’s wiles. The onslaught of temptation is subtle and unexpected. When the good times roll, we put our guards down. Don’t we become the open target of the ready fiery dart when we put down our weapons? If we think that the enemy is dumb, we are mistaken. He has planned ahead and carries a strategy before he takes his first move. He engages you in a conversation, and stirs up a controversy to make you doubt.

Remember how he the devil engaged Eve in a conversation,

“Did God really say, ‘ you must not eat from any tree of the garden?’

Note the casting of doubt. Very brilliant indeed! Then the ‘better offer’ creates a desire in the heart of the person. If we think that the old strategy of the devil was just as good as when he tempted Eve, take heed, that style still works today.

Let us learn from this mistake of the police officer, before we find ourselves sleeping with the enemy, the best advise is flee!

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