Sickening stench

Residents cry foul over ‘stink’ coming from pig farm
RESIDENTS of Barangay Tacunan and Ula in Tugbok District sought the city council’s help regarding the alleged foul smell coming from a nearby piggery.

A letter dated April 5 accused owners of Lifarmco piggery of unsanitary practices, and asked the city council to either close or transfer the piggery site. The measure has been forwarded to the city council’s committee on environment.

Representatives from Lifarmco could not be reached for comment.

The statement of protest, according to documents submitted to the Sangguniang Panlungsod earlier this month, came from the Missionaries of the Assumption Ashram Holistic Spirituality Institute.

The institute said that the healing center has already been “polluted” by the foul smell, despite the facility’s function as a location for prayer, relaxation, holistic healing, and rest.

The members of the institute and nearby residents, according to the letter, have met with the property owners, along with members of the Barangay Councils of Tacunan and Ula.

Representatives from the City Health Office, Department of Environment and Natural Resources were also present in previous meetings.

“All our efforts to be heard and to be responded were not satisfactory because even until now the smell continues at the expense of the suffering our community,” the petition letter said.

Among those affected were visitors coming for a retreat at the site.

The petition also accuses the cooperative of allegedly raising 500 pigs despite being given permit to raise only 25 pigs.

The site reportedly did not have proper disposal of waste, did not renew their barangay permit and did not have a sanitary permit from the city.

The petition letter has gathered around 300 signatures.

The item has been passed on first reading during last week’s regular session at the city council.