ROUGH CUTS| Showing the other face of the police

WE TAKE our hat off to Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum and his staff at the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) for initiating the “Pinaskuhan sa Kabataan” project of the local police command.

It is heartening to note that the command decided to temporarily get out of their police duties to serve as godfathers and godmothers of thousands of children in the city this early days of the Christmas season.

Sr. Supt. Tagum also seems to have the charisma to generate support from various personal and perhaps corporate sponsors to the command’s Christmas gift giving activities.

This activity only shows the other side of law enforcement. In fact this is proactive as it is clear the DCPO project beneficiaries are those who are being looked upon as the future leaders of this country. It is also from their generation that we can expect potential enemies of government if they are not given the proper attention by their parents as well as by the police from whom they expect protection from criminal elements.

Somehow, we are not mistaken in our initial assessment on the watch of Sr. Supt. Tagum on the DCPO. He has shown determination in proving his worth as a police officer and head of the office in this bustling southern metropolis.

But he has also shown the softness of his person by looking at the children as targets of his command’s soft approach in dealing with criminalities. And that is making the policeman the image of one that the children should not be afraid but the person to run to for protection and support as they journey towards adulthood.

To Sr. Supt. Tagum and your staff, our congratulations. May you and your team be given more blessings to share to the less fortunate among our people.


     There is a by-pass road constructed starting starting somewhere from Ulas and would exit in a portion of the Davao-Bukidnon Highway.

The objective of this road project is to relieve the Bangkal-Ulas portion of the MacArthur Highway from the demonic traffic going on daily for the past few years already.

We do not know how far the new by-pass road has gone. But we agree that this could be a very significant project aimed at addressing the traffic situation. Of course this particular solution would only be temporary in nature considering the pace by which the number of vehicles plying the Davao-Bukidnon and the Davao-Digos routes is increasing.

Of course there is another road expansion project that could substantially address the traffic problem. And it is supposed to be completed by January 2018. We are referring to the Catalunan Road expansion into a 4-lane highway. The work on the project is quite fast and the contractor is one that has shown consistency in the pace and quality of its work.

Unfortunately, we are already foreseeing the possibility of the delay in the completion of the project. Primarily this is because the additional one lane on both sides of the road will encroach several private properties where residential houses and commercial buildings will have to be cleared.

For now we have yet to see the work being begun on the portion where subdivision houses have to be dismantled before work can begin. In fact we see the more critical area where work could be done in snail’s pace is the stretch where Catalunan Grande’s commercial district is located including the mini market.

If the contractor and the government could not design a way to smoothen procedures it is likely that there will be traffic stand-still during day time until about 9 in the evening or even later.

But knowing the track record of the contractor it is possible that they can strategize the conduct of the road construction activities.

We can only hope the concerned property and business owners would not deprive their cooperation if only to hasten the completion of the project.

If completed as scheduled, the Bangkal-Ulas traffic gridlock would be effectively relieved.

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