Shirt-stealing guard charged

A SECURITY guard will be facing court litigation for allegedly stealing a t-shirt inside the store he was guarding.

Prosecutor Imee Mabale, in resolution dated Aug. 26, found probable cause to indict Monser Abubacar Abdulnasser for qualified theft.

Abdulnasser was charged for stealing a t-shirt from the Davao Central Warehouse Club, Inc. along Lapu-Lapu Street, Agdao on Aug. 23.

“Finding the arrest legal, the undersigned recommends the filing of information for qualified theft since the nature of the respondent’s job, being a security guard assigned at the complainant’s establishment, clearly establishes that a special confidence was reposed upon him and that he took, intending to gain therefrom, an item belonging to the complainant company, without its knowledge and consent,” Mabale said.

The prosecutor cited a Supreme Court ruling that when a stolen property is found in the possession of one, not the owner, without satisfactory explanation of his possession, that he will be presumed to be the thief.

Uldarico Resurreccion, a Davao Central Warehouse representative, said that in the morning of Aug. 24 security guard Mabel Absin indorsed to him the respondent for allegedly stealing a t-shirt worth P499.75.

The respondent was forwarded to the Sta. Ana Police Precinct because he could not produce any receipt or proof of purchase to support his lawful possession of the item.

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