Seaman is fifth victim of riding-in-tandem gunmen

A SEAMAN was shot to death by unidentified perpetrators inside an Internet cafe near NHA Buhangin, Carlos P. Garcia highway at 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

Based on records, he is the fifth killed by riding-in-tandem suspects since July 1.

Chief Insp. Milgrace C. Driz, commander of Buhangin Police Precinct, identified the suspect as Clyde Duarte, 27, resident of San Antonio in Buhangin.

According to the report, the victim was riding a motorcycle from his house heading to Buhangin proper when chased by the perpetrators who shot him from behind. He managed to run and hid inside the Internet shop.

He then hugged the owner, identified as Josephine Sudio Perez, and used her as a human shield in the hopes that the gunmen will turn away. The two shot him down.

The victim succumbed to gunshot wounds on his head.

But Perez was also hit by a stray bullet on her left foot and is now being treated at the hospital.

Driz said they are looking into personal grudge or the victim’s alleged involvement in drugs as possible motives.

“We are still conducting an investigation since he (victim) is not included in our drug watchlist but he was reported in Isumbong Kay CD text hotline for his illegal drug involvement,” Driz said.

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