Scoliosis a hidden menaceto school kids, doctor says

SCOLIOSIS is a common medical condition among children but not many parents are not aware of the problem.

Speaking in theKapehan sa Dabaw in SM City Davao, Dr. Ed Oliveros, director of Peak Physical Therapy and Scoliosis Wellness Center, said that based on their study on sample populations, at least 50 of 200 persons were diagnosed to have scoliosis, a medical condition that involves deformity in the spine.

In another population, he said, at least 20 of 120 public school children had developing scoliosis and the parents were not aware of the condition.

Other than these sample population data, he said that there currently is no available data on scoliosis prevalence in the city or region.

He said scoliosis could lead to complications through age. This is why it’s important to get therapy after early detection, he said.

Other than holding seminars in select schools, a special day dedicated to public awareness on scoliosis is being observed, but there isn’t a lot of treatment clinics dedicated to treating the medical condition.

He said early detection can be done to children as early as age six, and that scoliosis is common among females.

Many people do not see scoliosis as a life threatening problem, but health complications could be dire, he said.

Causes of scoliosis vary: from being lined to several medical conditions and imbalance in muscles, and osteoporosis.

While treaments and physical therapy to treat scoliosis can be expensive (therapy costs P300- 1,000 pesos per session), it’s still reasonable compared to surgery that can run to millions.

Oliveros, who’s a doctor of physical therapy in the US for over 20 years, heads a clinic in the Metrolifestyle Fitness Center in F. Torres Street (telephone number 300-2751).

He said that other than treatments for scoliosis, the clinic offers specialized treatments for non-surgical spinal decompression, therapeutic ultrasound, balance and stability training, and other therapeutic exercises for athletes and non-athletes alike. He said that his clinic has the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment in physical therapy in Davao.

In 2015, he said that the most common medical concerns of his clients were knee, lower back, and shoulder issues.

These, he said, were largely due to a sedentary lifestyle.

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